Jamie Hayter must get a major push as a top singles star


All Elite Wrestling has a stacked women’s division and fans want to see more of the talented women across the roster. One individual that continues to gain momentum is Jamie Hayter. The one-year anniversary of her return to AEW is coming and as her momentum grows it’s clear that there’s value in Hayter getting a big singles push in the future.

Watching Hayter perform it is often lost on fans that she’s only 27 years old, still coming into her athletic prime. With nearly a decade of professional experience under her belt, Hayter is an example of what any promotion would want in a woman to build around for the future. She’s playing her role as the second to Britt Baker perfectly, but if anything is a given in wrestling it’s the eventual split is to come. AEW has hinted at it multiple times, and when it does go down there’s a chance for AEW to build another major star in their women’s division.

AEW has approached the point where fans are openly discussing “Britt Baker fatigue.” She’s been a central place in the division since the company started, and remains so, often overshadowing AEW Women’s World Champion, Thunder Rosa. One way to get her out of the title picture but keep her in an important feud is with the pending split between her and Hayter. Baker cannot be the babyface in this situation, instead playing the hell to Hayter’s rise would push her over the top with the fans that want to see her get a run in the main event.

Hayter checks a lot of the boxes necessary to be a top star. Can she work? Yes. Does she look the part? Yes. Can she deliver a promo? Even though she hasn’t been the central talker during her time with the company, she’s shown that she can be competent on the microphone. Plus, AEW does an excellent job in working with those who may not be great on the microphone and keeping them hot with fans, see Jungle Boy or Wardlow as examples. Hayter passes all the tests and has what it takes to carry the women’s division as the champion.

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Even with names like Nyla Rose, Jade Cargill, Athena, Toni Storm, and others on the roster, there’s value in having another wrestler who can be a top star. AEW has that in Jamie Hayter and at some point, hopefully within the next year, there’s a world where she is carrying gold around her waist.