ROCK HARD Juice Robinson would fit in well with the rebuilding WWE

TOKYO, JAPAN - JULY 14: Juice Robinson speaks during the New Japan Pro-Wrestling Press Conference on July 14, 2022 in Tokyo, Japan. (Photo by Etsuo Hara/Getty Images)
TOKYO, JAPAN - JULY 14: Juice Robinson speaks during the New Japan Pro-Wrestling Press Conference on July 14, 2022 in Tokyo, Japan. (Photo by Etsuo Hara/Getty Images) /

There was a time when Juice Robinson may have been an afterthought in professional wrestling, but as he talks about being a free agent, he’s now on a short list of intriguing prospects. Looking at what he has achieved in recent years, one may think he should immediately head to a location like All Elite Wrestling, but perhaps this should be the time for him to return to WWE where his new persona and recognition can push him further in the promotion.

“I am no longer representing New Japan, and I want that to be clear,” Robinson said to Justin Barrasso of Sports Illustrated. I carried that New Japan flag for seven years. I’ve got no unfinished business there. I sang that song and I danced that dance, and we’ve gone our separate ways. That’s in the rearview mirror. I’m totally free now.”

Robinson is heading into a major contest on AEW Dynamite. He’s the first man to face Jon Moxley as he steps into his third run as AEW World Champion. Robinson and Moxley have a history. Moxley brought an end to Robinson’s second run as IWGP United States Heavyweight Champion back in 2019. Robinson was able to get some sort of revenge when the two were part of a four-man contest in May where Robinson came out on top for his third run as champion. Expect that to be highlighted heading into their match on Dynamite.

“Dynamite is the hottest show, and I’m wrestling their champ on the hottest night of the week in wrestling,” Robinson said. “This is the biggest match of my career, and I’m ready for it.”

Does this mean Robinson is All Elite? That is yet to be revealed. He would be a strong addition to the AEW roster. But would he stand out? With names like Ricky Starks, Andrade, Adam Cole, Chris Jericho, Bryan Danielson, and others there – how would Robinson carve out his place? Let’s say Robinson isn’t signed, perhaps he should make a return to WWE.

Remember C.J. Parker? No, then good. Parker was a part of the early NXT and never truly established himself in that group. He had flashes but was far from the individual he’d become today. Very far in fact. That is a big part of what made his transformation in New Japan so interesting. It wasn’t that he was just given the opportunity to perform at a higher level, but he excelled in ways that many didn’t expect. He became one of the best promos in the industry and was able to tell compelling stories in the ring. There are many that will dismiss what he achieved, but Robinson became an enjoyable figure quickly in his post-WWE run.

If he returned to the promotion, he should immediately establish himself on the main roster. His ability to cut scathing promos allows him to better fit into the space where more freedom is being given to some of the stars of the roster. And he can certainly wrestle a style of match that would fit into the work that WWE presents in the ring. Imagine him as a mid-card performer competing against the likes of Bobby Lashley, Sheamus, Gunther, and others, while also getting looks at the main card. He could even reignite his feud with Cody Rhodes. There are opportunities for some intriguing professional wrestling content.

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If Juice Robinson really is the free agent he’s claiming to be, perhaps he shouldn’t immediately join AEW as many others have done. Going back to WWE wouldn’t be a bad look for the new and improved “Rock Hard” Juice Robinson.