WWE’s White Rabbit angle invokes an excitement long missing in wrestling


The White Rabbit “angle” in WWE is one of the most engaging discourses going on in professional wrestling each week. Viewers are glued to their television and watching social media closely for any types of clues to decode, with hopes of being the first to figure out what everything means. This is what Bray Wyatt does to professional wrestling fans and it is why he’s carved out an important place for himself in this industry in ways that other individuals have not achieved.

Conversations around Wyatt are sure to hit a full range of narratives. Some hang off his every word, whether written or online, hoping to break down the deeper meaning of what is being said. Others question the effectiveness of his characters and presentation in professional wrestling, unsure of how it fits into the sports aspect of sports entertainment. Regardless of where one stands, Wyatt has found a way to consistently touch and invoke some type of emotional response from fans in everything that he does, and that’s why he’s remained a beloved figure in the industry.

Wyatt doesn’t have a catalog of matches like Bryan Danielson, AJ Styles, or Kenny Omega. But that doesn’t mean his impact is lessened, it’s just different. If you were to flip that coin, can you think of a ring entrance from any other wrestler that left fans as speechless as Wyatt’s entrance did at SummerSlam in 2019 before squashing Finn Balor? You’ll be hard-pressed to find an example. Yes, things did not work out with The Fiend as fans may have hoped, but that should be chalked more up to WWE creative leadership under Vince McMahon, a situation that didn’t serve many of those on the roster very well.

This is one reason why the anticipation around Wyatt’s return has reached a fever pitch. Fans and critics alike want to see how Triple H’s influence will help or hinder what Wyatt delivers. The majority of the changes viewers have seen so far were met with positive reception, but everything hasn’t hit perfectly. Bray Wyatt’s return cannot be one of those that is a miss. Viewers, in good faith or not, are ready to pick apart anything and everything to do with this storyline and WWE must deliver it without a hitch to avoid any type of negative reactions. If left to his own devices, Wyatt is someone that can deliver on that moment, and fans are ready to see it happen.

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Bray Wyatt is a lot like Hideo Kojima, creator of the famed Metal Gear video game series. In an industry with wild and rabid fans, both Kojima and Wyatt remain enigmas that can’t be tied down to concrete news on what’s next for them. In both industries, this is a practice that works and it will be interesting to see how or if Wyatt delivers on what has been built in recent weeks.