AEW putting the chips behind Daniel Garcia is the right move


All Elite Wrestling is telling a masterful story with Daniel Garcia. As he’s becoming more openly critical of Chris Jericho, it seems that he’s heading toward an actual partnership with Bryan Danielson to join the Blackpool Combat Club. Whether that comes to fruition or not is yet to be seen, but this is certainly the best story being told in the promotion at this time.

The September 28 edition of AEW Dynamite saw Garcia put together a tag team match where he and Danielson will take on Jericho and Sammy Guevara. Pro wrestling logic points toward this being a setup, in which the Jericho Appreciation Society can turn the tables to get the drop on Danielson. Hopefully, that isn’t the case, as it would prolong what has already been an angle that’s had months dedicated to the matter.

Garcia is an individual on the AEW roster that fans are ready to get behind, elevating him as a top-level babyface. When he began working with the promotion back in 2020, hardcore fans were already well-aware of Garcia’s ability and his potential in the industry. Now that he’s more of a household name, it’s clear AEW has a bigger star on their hands than some may have realized. Including him in the JAS and leading to this angle with the BCC and specifically Danielson is exactly what was needed to help elevate him to this point.

Jericho picking up the Ring of Honor championship is an additional wrinkle in this angle. Garcia secured the ROH Pure championship, even as the feud with Jericho was on the horizon. This is an opportunity for Tony Khan to unify those two titles, helping alleviate the growing number of “unnecessary” titles in AEW and pushing Garcia to the next “face” of what should finally be the Ring of Honor brand. If Jericho really is the one that helps elevate championships and storylines as many defenders claim, putting over Garcia must be the next step down that path.

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At 24 years old, Daniel Garcia is yet another youthful name that AEW can boast as the foundation of the promotion’s future. AEW is taking the right road in his build and the angle with Bryan Danielson is going in the right direction, regardless of if they end up fighting again or joining forces. Putting all their chips into Garcia is the right move as AEW has a performer that can be the future of the entire industry.