The Bloodline angle should lead to a WWE Championship run for Sami Zayn


The arc of The Bloodline is one that has been hit with many different debates. While it has elevated both Roman Reigns and The Usos, there’s debate about how it’s impacted the rest of the roster. That narrative seems to be changing as Triple H’s creative direction deepens, but there’s one name that may come out the best in all of this: Sami Zayn. With the way this angle continues to play out, fans would fully support a direction that ends with him holding the WWE Championship.

What started out as a joke has become one of the best angles in professional wrestling. Zayn has always been a persona that fans love, as he often over-delivers, even in the worst moments. Take this year’s WrestleMania where his match with Johnny Knoxville was exceptional from start to finish. A throwaway match that many thought shouldn’t have been on the show, to begin with, was one of the highlights of both nights. Therefore no one should be surprised that he’s doing so well in a main-event level angle such as this.

Many are expecting to see this angle lead to a moment where Kevin Owens and Zayn reunite to defeat The Usos for the tag team championship. This would be a great moment, especially as both men have openly talked about winning the tag titles together.

But what if things went a level higher? Everyone can tell the turn is coming. At some point, either Jey Uso will lose his mind and attack Zayn, or Reigns will turn his wrath onto the Canadian. There’s also the chance that Zayn will see it coming and strike first. Each of these are viable opportunities to create a path for Reigns and Zayn to end up in a match together. The idea of Zayn winning the title would be very similar to when Mick Foley defeated The Rock back in 1998 to become the WWF World Heavyweight Champion. Fans rallied around the unexpected champion in Foley, and Zayn would get a similar reaction.

Even if Zayn and Reigns never meet in the ring, there’s still space to justify what could be an eventual run for him at the top of the card. Zayn can do everything necessary to be a main-event performer in professional wrestling. His characters and promos are always believable, whether they are meant to be comedy or serious. There are few in the ring that could be considered better than him. Just this past week he pulled out a deadlift orange crush bomb in his match with AJ Styles. Zayn can do it all.

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The end of The Bloodline has the potential to be one of the best-booked angles of 2023. Sami Zayn should be one of those individuals involved in the arc. The momentum could see him end up as a WWE Championship and fans would be completely behind him.