AEW must stop stalling on Jamie Hayter versus Britt Baker angle


AEW’s women’s division is a hot topic for debate. Three years since the company’s inception, there’s still a strong push for the division to be more included in the totality of AEW television. While that hasn’t occurred yet, there’s a strong feud that could keep women on TV, while allowing other women to reach the title picture. Britt Baker versus Jamie Hayter is an angle that AEW needs to run now and cooling the split off yet again is a mistake that could come back to stunt both women.

Coming out of AEW All Out it seemed like the work was in motion to split Hayter and Baker, finally pitting the two talented women against each other. However, that changed in a matter of weeks when Saraya made her debut. Her place seemingly brought them back together to focus on the artist formerly known as Paige, even though questions swirl around whether she will be an in-ring performer at any point. Many voiced their concerns that this was a mistake because there’s interest in Baker and Hayter going after each other – at least there is interest currently that AEW must capitalize on now.

It was clear during the September 28 women’s segment that Hayter is exceptionally over with the AEW fan base. Fans chanted her name louder than any other point during that in-ring promo or match. Their volume blew up again with Hayter and Willow Nightingale (another woman that AEW must immediately improve their use of on television) started exchanging blows. Fans remain committed to the idea that Hayter deserves an opportunity to carry the AEW Women’s World Championship.

However, that sentiment can change. It would take a lot for fans to lose interest in Hayter, but that situation is possible. Think of how many names WWE has struggled to build as stars because of the stop-and-start booking that was prominent with Vince McMahon in charge. AEW is facing a similar situation with Hayter and putting her big push on hold once again could have negative implications for her growing star power.

Pitting Baker and Hayter together in an extensive feud creates a non-title women’s feud, giving space to other ladies to challenge Toni Storm in their own program. Even Serena Deeb’s recent title shot involved Baker and not every women’s angle needs to include the company’s favorite daughter. Baker versus Hayter is the perfect opportunity to dedicate more television time on either Rampage or Dynamite to a women’s feud outside of the title picture.

In the meantime, Storm would find herself in other bouts. Abadon, Tay Melo, Anna Jay, Hikaru Shida, and Madison Rayne are just a few examples of ladies that could step in to face Storm while Hayter is being built during her angle with Baker. The idea that the women’s division needs “time” is a failed excuse with the depth that has grown in that group via signing and development. There’s opportunity there, but leadership in AEW must be willing to bet on the roster of women they’ve signed.

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The feud between Britt Baker and Jamie Hayter is coming at some point, the rules of professional wrestling demand it. That time should be now, but AEW has made the decision to put that on ice for whatever is happening with Saraya which could play out to be the wrong decision in the long run.