3 wrestlers Roxanne Perez could face from Raw next week

At NXT Halloween Havoc, we will watch former friends collide when Roxanne Perez takes on Cora Jade in a Weapons Wild match (basically a No Disqualification match with a bunch of weapons presumably scattered throughout the arena). This will be the second match in their feud; Jade pinned Perez in their inaugural meeting at Heatwave this past August.

As part of the build to their match, WWE has dusted off the “Pick Your Poison” trope, as Perez and Jade will select each other’s opponents for the Oct. 18 episode of NXT. As we learned this past Tuesday, Perez will pick a wrestler from SmackDown and Jade will choose one from Raw.

We will have to wait a week to find out who Perez will face, so let’s speculate on who we could see occupying that mystery spot.

These three women could potentially be Roxanne Perez’s mystery opponent


While Tamina isn’t the most exciting choice for this spot, she works in this spot for several reasons. No matter how uneven her booking has been on the main roster, she has always maintained a somewhat intimidating presence. That and the pronounced size difference between her and Perez would allow Perez to fight from underneath without actually being an underdog.

Also, Tamina’s status as a quasi-tweener on Raw could set up a scenario where Jade chastizes her for losing to Perez, leading to Tamina kicking Jade’s head off.

(sigh) Doudrop

You could take everything said about Tamina and apply it to the former Piper Niven, with the added benefit of Doudrop being a better worker, so she and Perez could produce a more entertaining match. Much like Tamina, Doudrop doesn’t have much to do on Raw, so there’s no harm in bringing her to NXT to beat up Perez for a little while before eating the pin.

It’s a bit sad that WWE used Doudrop for much outside of the occasional job, but that’s what happens when you name your monster heel “Doudrop”. Triple H should’ve repackaged her almost immediately, but perhaps that’s why we haven’t seen her on TV these last few weeks. If so, one more loss for a character that has already lost so much won’t matter, particularly if it’s getting a fresh coat of paint soon.


With WWE reportedly using main roster talent to give NXT a shot in the arm, there are few better boosters than IYO SKY. A former NXT Women’s Champion who’s a dynamite worker and has earned enough cache on the main roster, there is no fan who would argue against seeing SKY and Perez wrestle.

Of course, SKY is the co-holder of the WWE Women’s Tag Team Championship, so she shouldn’t be losing televised matches, so booking her against another wrestler who needs to win creates a bit of a quagmire for a promotion that has grown too comfortable with slinking out of these situations with a lame non-finish.

Because of that, WWE may steer away from that pairing or anyone who’s pushed harder than SKY is. But if WWE wants to showcase Perez’s skills while adding some star power to the show, it can’t go wrong with “The Genius of the Sky”.