Bianca Belair reaches another historic milestone with 200-day reign


History in professional wrestling is still happening on a frequent occurrence in the year 2022. Today marks a major milestone for Bianca Belair as she crosses the 200-day mark as WWE Raw Women’s Champion. This date makes her the first Black singles champion to hold their World title for more than two hundred days consecutively. That’s a major milestone that not only relays the star power that Belair exhibits but how far professional wrestling must go.

Belair was a star in the making the moment fans caught a glimpse of her in NXT. Even as individuals like Sam Roberts had questionable takes on her during pre-shows, and Belair was unable to capture the NXT Championship like some of her peers – she was still beloved by those that saw something special in her. Now, Belair has reached a point where her presence as WWE superstar is undeniable.

The history of the WWE includes several names that could easily fit into any Hall of Fame. Mark Henry, The Rock, Kofi Kingston, Alicia Fox, Jackie, Jazz, and many more. One factoid stands true across the entire group, none of those individuals were able to hold a title for more than 200 days.

That’s an impressive statistic that points to a lot of problems within the WWE and the larger industry as well. Many of these individuals could have held their titles for extended runs if the promotion wanted to book them stronger. Even in AEW where longer title runs are more commonplace, that promotion is 2-1 when it comes to booking Black singles stars in a strong fashion.

Seeing Belair standing center as a premiere star for WWE is a powerful, history-making moment to witness. WWE has struggled to make new stars in recent years, but the company has succeeded when it comes to Belair, even in the face of moments where it looked like they were going to mess things up along the way. Still, she found a way to overcome and has become what many consider to be the “Ace” of all things WWE.

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It can be surprising to see “firsts” still occurring in the year 2022, but Bianca Belair reaching 200 days as a champion is one that no other Black singles champion has seen in WWE. She deserves all the praise and recognition that is thrown her way, as she consistently proves that she is the “EST of WWE.”