WWE: Who Should Pat McAfee’s Next Feud be Against?

Pat McAfee and Happy Corbin compete during the 2022 WWE SummerSlam Saturday July 30, 2022 at Nissasn Stadium; Nashville, TN, USA; Mandatory Credit: Alan Poizner-The TennesseanEntertainment Wwe Summerslam
Pat McAfee and Happy Corbin compete during the 2022 WWE SummerSlam Saturday July 30, 2022 at Nissasn Stadium; Nashville, TN, USA; Mandatory Credit: Alan Poizner-The TennesseanEntertainment Wwe Summerslam /

Pat McAfee may be wrapped up in College Gameday at this time, but it’s never too early to start thinking about his next opponent in WWE.

Smackdown’s commentary team of Michael Cole and Pat McAfee is one of my favorite duos in WWE history. There have many great commentary teams in WWE history, but this team ranks up there in the top three or five. Whether they’re being serious or absolutely hilarious, McAfee always loves to get Cole to break, no matter the circumstances and that’s what makes for great entertainment.

However, WWE Monday Night Raw, Tuesday on NXT, and Friday Night Smackdown has undergone changes at the commentary tables as of a couple of weeks ago. Kevin Patrick replaced Jimmy Smith on Raw as well as Booker T was introduced on NXT as a color commentator. And due to McAfee’s prior commitment to College Gameday, he has taken a step back from his WWE responsibilities. As soon as college football ends in January, I believe it’s time to start thinking about the former Indianapolis Colts Punter’s next opponent.

A great way to introduce McAfee back to the WWE Universe is in the Men’s Royal Rumble match in late January which is peak timing with college football coming to an end. Just imagine the pop he’s going to get if he makes his return in the Royal Rumble match. McAfee winning would be an incredible story, but also unrealistic, as I think he should remain that special attraction.

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One of the best parts of a Royal Rumble match is you could start planting seeds for a feud that continues to Wrestlemania 39 in Los Angeles. It’s easy booking, McAfee targets and eliminates “Superstar X” from the Royal Rumble Match, then “Superstar X” ruins McAfee’s dream to main event Wrestlemania one day and that’s how you start your story. The question is who will “Superstar X” be?

The WWE can go in many different directions. If all brands are included, I would definitely go with a major star who’s great on the microphone, a veteran in the ring, and who has made lots of headlines on WWE programming throughout the years. I can only think of a handful of guys who checks all those boxes under the active roster, and out of that handful I would go with The Miz.

Just think about the promos between Miz and McAfee. Miz knows how to simply get the crowd going against him in a heartbeat. While on the opposite side of the spectrum, McAfee knows how to get the WWE Universe on his side. These two can have heated exchanges about their favorite pro football teams or get into a personal debate about Miz costing the pro bowl punter his chance for a championship match at Wrestlemania.

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In the ring, this match would be one of the best matches on night two of Wrestlemania 39. McAfee is much better than we all thought in the ring. Just go back, and watch his War Games match against the Undisputed Era, and his singles match against Adam Cole, Austin Theory, and Baron Corbin. As for The Miz, we all know at this point, he’s one of, if not the safest wrestlers on the WWE roster. The Miz has had some of the best matches in WWE history, including some of the best in his rivalries with John Cena, Dolph Ziggler, and Daniel Bryan.

A Miz versus McAfee match at Wrestlemania would be a fantastic build and it would create lots of wavelengths on the outside of the wrestling world. You could have networks like ESPN, NBC Sports, Fox Sports, and CBS Sports wanting to talk about this match as a big deal. In my mind, this feud is a no-brainer slam dunk and could get outsiders to subscribe to Peacock just to tune in to watch that match as well as see other major superstars such as Roman Reigns, Seth Rollins, Ronda Rousey, Becky Lynch, Bianca Belair, Cody Rhodes, etc.

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If you don’t think The Miz should be McAfee’s Wrestlemania opponent, then who should it be? Let me know your thoughts and guesses in the comments below!