Nikki Cross’s return is a welcomed addition to the WWE women’s roster


On the October 24 edition of Monday Night Raw, Nikki Cross made a surprise appearance in the main event, attacking both Bianca Belair and Damage CTRL. While the immediate crowd reaction wasn’t massive, vocal fans online are interested in what this new presentation of Cross will mean not only for her but the entire women’s division.

Don’t let the “Always a Superhero” segment of Cross’s career taint your perception of this talented performer. According to Cagematch, Cross boasts 14 years of experience in the ring that includes time wrestling for well-known organizations like SHIMMER, Pro Wrestling EVE, ICW, and more before joining the WWE in 2016.

Even within WWE, there have been moments where fans and viewers have seen flashes of what has made Cross a favorite among hard cores, but the full opening at the top of the card was never there. Even when she cashed in the Money in the Bank briefcase, she was presented as a joke character, even though children were ready to embrace her as their champion. Hopefully, this version of Cross gives fans the look at the performer they’ve long wanted to see.

The WWE women’s division is in desperate need of an infusion of something “new.” Bianca Belair is the consummate fan favorite and is well booked in that position. Over on SmackDown, a heel Ronda Rousey hasn’t quite caught on, but it’s a much-needed change over her unwelcome work as a babyface. The momentum behind Damage CTRL is in a different place since their return at SummerSlam, capped off with Bayley’s failed attempt to capture the Raw Women’s title at Extreme Rules.

The past few weeks have seen one match or segment designated to the women’s division as fans have called to see more. Unfortunately, there has remained a lack of time dedicated to the individual characters on the women’s roster. This is where Cross’s return should be welcomed. She’s someone that fans immediately recognize, a talented performer that can play both sides of the coin, and one that can work in-ring with any of her opponents.

Seeing Cross attack both sides of the match on Monday also creates the interesting idea that she’s not a part of a group, but instead out for her own motives. WWE consistently books the women in groups to try to get as many on screen at a time, instead of letting them stand out on their own. Cross being a lone agent is a pleasant surprise that should lead to some intriguing developments within the division.

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Nikki Cross is a talented performer on the WWE women’s roster and her return should spark a run that reminds fans of this fact.