AEW Rampage: Swerve Takes Billy Gunn Hostage


The biggest story from the live episode of AEW: Rampage wasn’t from any of the matches. Instead, it was from the ongoing feud with Swerve in Our Glory, The Acclaimed, and Billy Gunn.

Keith Lee had a literal squash match against Serpentico. After making extremely quick work of his opponent, Lee was talking to Tony Schiavone when The Acclaimed’s music hit. Bowens informed the crowd that there would be no rap tonight because Gunn was missing and they noticed that Swerve was nowhere to be found.

Schiavone informed the tag team champions that “Daddy Ass” had to leave due to a family emergency. Max Caster wasn’t buying it because “we are his family. There’s no emergency.” The camera cut to the main screen to show Swerve Strickland. Not only is the former tag champ a wrestler and rapper, but he’s also a director. His favorite genre happens to be horror and this one was called “Billy Scissorhands”. He then reveals what The Acclaimed already knew; he has Gunn.

Swerve informed Gunn that he will not be at Full Gear for the tag team title match because he’d be in the hospital. He flashed a pair of gardening shears. Gunn’s arms are tied or handcuffed behind him and Swerve uses his weapon of choice to hurt his victim. Swerve looks into the camera and says, “spooky season has arrived.”

The Acclaimed ran off to find where Gunn is being held. Throughout the segment, Lee looked confused and clearly had no idea what his partner was up to. This tracks, as he’s also unaware of Swerve low-blowing Dax Harwood during their match on Dynamite to ensure they became the number-one contenders for their old titles.

Next. The challenge of booking The Elite upon their return. dark

Swerve’s behavior will indubitably cause a riff with Lee. Assuming Lee will stick with him long enough to attempt to win the tag titles back, will he be able to trust Swerve? What happens if they regain their titles? Even before winning the titles the first time, Swerve had thought about using a chair on Lee. There’s always been underlying tension, but now it’s increasingly coming out in the open. It’s not a matter of “can they co-exist?”, but “can Keith Lee trust Swerve Strickland?”