A full year of spooky dominance for Abadon in AEW

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Abadon has quietly had a full year of wins in AEW.

Upon arriving on the scene in AEW, Abadon has been shown to be unlike any other superstar on the roster. Since October last year, Abadon has gone on a wicked tear that has been for the most part quiet considering the many events happening on the roster.

Around this time last year, Abadon went one on one against Dr.Britt Baker on a special episode of AEW Rampage and came up short. Even though Abadon came up short in her title match, what came after really shows a vengeful tear that equaled a year of domination for Abadon.

Abadon’s October milestone in AEW.

Since losing to Britt Baker back in October 2021, they have not lost a match since then. The spooky superstar has racked up win after win against numerous talents AEW Dark and AEW Dark Elevation. Truly bringing a new definition to what it means to compete on Dark.

The victories consist of some of the hottest prospects of the independent wrestling circuit today. They were put to the test mentally as well as physically as Abadon showed them why it’s very hard to gain a victory.

Abadon has only gotten better over time and things will only get darker for stars over a period of time. This Halloween gives a reflection of how far Abadon has come and how October will forever be known as a turning point for their career.

Every October will be a reflection of this special superstar as they continue to haunt the roster in a special way. It’s only a matter of time before Abadon turns her attention back to the main roster and sinks her teeth into the rankings for title contention.

When that time comes, Abadon is stronger, faster, and more durable than they were when they first went against the likes of Hikaru Shida during the early stages of their run. It would be interesting if the string of victories over a period of time will equal more time for fans to see the evolution of Abadon.

There is no telling how far Abadon will go this time next year, but they are showing no signs of going away anytime soon. They will continue to be the welcome wagon for debuts and should be in the conversation when it comes to possible rising contenders.

As AEW continues to feed Abadon competition, the appetite will soon be focused on where they were initially with title shots and contention. It would be well-deserved to see the undead superstar’s presence increase once more with all the endless work that has been put into becoming a more dangerous star than ever before.

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Fans will just have to watch AEW Dark and Dark Elevation to see how far Abadon will take this uncanny winning streak that they have been on. Fans have not seen the last of this superstar and it’s only a matter of time before they are in the spotlight once more on AEW Dynamite.