Jade Cargill vs Nyla Rose is a fun feud for the AEW women’s division


Jade Cargill is 41 wins into her AEW TBS Championship reign. She’s over 300 days into her title reign. In order to keep the run fresh, Nyla Rose has made the feud with Cargill fun. Allowing Rose to be the version of herself we see on Twitter is a no-brainer. She’s not the Best Wrestling Twitter Account for no reason.

Several weeks ago, Rose stole Cargill’s title and has had it in her possession since. She has mocked the champ on TV and online ever since. On this week’s AEW: Dynamite, Rose came out with her manager, Vickie Guerrero, and tried to distract Cargill by talking crap throughout the two-and-a-half-minute TBS Championship defense against Marina Shafir. It was to no avail as Cargill made quick work of Rose’s cohort.

AEW Women’s Division needs to showcase personalities

Rose has a big, vibrant personality. It’s never made much sense that she was paired with Guerrero as a mouthpiece because “The Native Beast” can more than hold her own on the microphone. She’s charismatic and hilarious. This is the person we should’ve always seen and this should be the Rose we continue to see. She can be simultaneously funny and dominant; it’s part of what makes her so unique.

The women’s roster is in need of more personalities. With limited TV time and stories, it’s hard for many of them to show their personalities. Cargill has a big personality. She oozes star power. Rose counters that with her fun personality (to be clear, Rose is also a star). Cargill does not want to deal with Rose’s nonsense. It’s a breath of fresh air for both the women’s division and Cargill’s TBS Championship run.

As a former AEW Women’s World Champion, Rose is the perfect opponent for Cargill. The two have never faced off one-on-one before; Cargill defeated Rose and Thunder Rosa on Rampage last year. Rose is a serious contender to be the woman to put the “1” in Cargill’s record. Not only would Rose be the first woman to defeat Cargill, but she would also be the first woman to hold both women’s titles.

Next. A full year of dominance for Abadon. dark

Hopefully, the powers-that-be see how entertaining Rose is and how much fans are enjoying this feud and realize that they need to let the rest of the women’s roster develop personalities and characters to connect with the audience.

Now that Maria Kanellis-Bennett is there, they can consult her on creative input for the division. It’s the least they can do. In order to help the women’s division actually succeed (and with ROH on the way, which will include its own women’s division), in addition to TV time, they need to give fans characters to invest in.