Jade Cargill is the Women’s Breakout Performer midway through 2022


When thinking about the top women in professional wrestling halfway through the year, there are several that jump off the page. Names like Thunder Rosa, Bianca Belair, Mercedes Martinez, and others come to mind. And with promotions like STARDOM putting on some of the best wrestling in the world, that list is longer than most recognize. But when looking at who has stood out among the pack, Jade Cargill’s rise helps position her at the top halfway through 2022.

Everything about Jade Cargill screams superstar. There are a lot of fantastic professional wrestlers on the All Elite Wrestling roster. But three years into the inception of AEW, Cargill is the one that comes off as the individual with the most crossover appeal. That was clear the moment she stepped into the ring with Shaq as her partner in March 2021 and has continued since. Her growth both inside the ring and outside deserves recognition.

Is Cargill still fresh to the idea of being a top pro wrestler? Yes. She has only 35 matches on her resume. But in 2022 she’s continued to improve in the ring while furthering the divide between herself and the rest of the women’s roster when it comes to being a “larger than life” performer. When she’s posted on AEW social media the content consistently draws strong engagement and she’s getting coverage from organizations outside the promotion such as Complex.

Not only is Cargill doing the work outside the ring, but she’s improving greatly inside the ring as well. She picked up the TBS Championship in January and has since defended the belt 9 times. Along with that, she’s continued to perform in non-title matches, getting more valuable reps along the way. She’s getting opportunities with experienced veterans like Ruby Soho, Willow Nightingale, and The Bunny, while also getting time with younger competitors like Anna Jay, AQA, and Tay Conti. Cargill is getting a varied mix of looks and that’s showing through with her consistent improvement.

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There’s a lot of the year left to come and even more professional wrestling to go down. When the year ends and award discussions are going on, expect Jade Cargill to be among those recognized.