Top 7 Sheamus matches from his WWE career


In 20 years, Sheamus has certainly made a name for himself in the industry known as professional wrestling, and what a legacy he has left behind. He is certainly one of the best to have ever laced up a pair of boots, and he proves it from week to week. Today, we’ll be taking a look at 7 of his most epic matches.

The term tip of the iceberg comes to mind for sure. When I first got this assignment, I was supposed to choose only 5 matches, but I failed miserably at that endeavor, dear readers. It was impossible. After all, how could I choose only 5 from the man that has had banger after banger, after banger, after…? You catch my drift.

So I went with seven. It still wasn’t easy, trust me when I say that, but I fared better by being able to at least choose two more. I mean, what a career! I could have probably compiled a list of 30, but let’s face it…I have quite a wee bit of writing to do every day, and well, I couldn’t be here all day, even if it was to write about one of my favorites (yes, even us unbiased journalists have our favorites).

At least I was able to narrow it down specifically to his WWE career, which was no small feat either, trust me. He’s been on the main roster since 2009 and since 2006 was in the developmental system for WWE in FCW, so I had a lot of material to go over, but hopefully, some of your favorites made the cut.

Sheamus Vs. Randy Orton – SummerSlam 2010 – WWE Title Match

Here you’ve got two names that are indeed some of the best a generation had to offer. They started in the company only about half a decade apart, but when Sheamus did enter the main roster, he wasted no time and caught up significantly to stars like Randy here and others.

Essentially he held his own and then some. This match shows that even against a Viper, Sheamus and his grit and power were enough to make at least a statement…and that was that he was indeed one of the top stars on the main roster, and he was destined to stay at the top for years to come.

CM Punk Vs. Sheamus – WWE Main Event – Champion Vs. Champion (2012)

CM Punk was in the two-year twilight of what was his WWE career. He was on top, that was for sure, and he proved it every night in the ring. What I love most about this match is the pacing. Sheamus and Punk couldn’t be more different, but their separate styles meshed perfectly here for what I’d still call a masterpiece, even by today’s standards.

Sheamus Vs. John Cena – Money In The Bank (2010) – Steel Cage Match For The WWE Title

John Cena is the greatest of his generation and is clearly the epitome of that generation as well. He is also the measuring stick for all of those that followed. I’ve written this before and I won’t shy away from writing it here again…he is what Bruno Sammartino, Hulk Hogan, and Steve Austin were to their respective generations. So yeah, he’s that fourth face on the Mount Rushmore of pro wrestling for sure.

Sheamus had to face John and at many times during his career, but here I feel that Sheamus had reached that point in his career where he was enough of a contender that you bought the threat he was to John, and in the end that delivery of story and conviction is also what makes a great pro wrestler. And cage matches can get repetitive if you’ve seen enough of them, but this one wasn’t boring at all.

Sheamus Vs. Wade Barrett – WWE Main Event – May 29th, 2013

Wade Barrett is special. I often feel like he’s underrated and that’s a tragedy. His career was a great one. After all, he also posed an incredible foe to the aforementioned John Cena, and in the end, what makes a hero? The epic villains that oppose them.

He and Sheamus’ styles complimented each other perfectly in this match and any other time they tangled up in the ring.

Sheamus Vs. Drew McIntyre – Fastlane (2021) – Grudge Match

These two epic stars have had many battles, and extraordinarily entertaining ones at that, but this battle really delivered. It was hard to choose between their matches, and they’ve been in the ring since their humble beginnings in this business back in the UK, but the story they told here, the physicality of the match itself, the build leading up to it, and the end result just came together perfectly.

The Usos Vs. The Bar (Sheamus & Cesaro) – Survivor Series (2017) – Champions Vs. Champions Match

Okay, so you have to include some of his tag matches; especially his time with Cesaro (currently Claudio Castagnoli in AEW), in The Bar. They were so dominant as a tag team, and this match in particular shows how great the matches they delivered to the audience were. Of course you also got the Usos in this masterpiece and it certainly shows just why they are currently at the top of the tag team division.

Also, and if you’ll permit me, Sheamus’ hair during this time was really cool, and if we go back to the simplicity of awe-stricken childishness (what got us all into this business in the first place), that matters when looking at pro wrestlers—the whole package.

It was earlier this year when Cesaro (Castagnoli) left WWE after a lengthy career for a new beginning in AEW, that Sheamus made the following statement on whom had become a great friend:

"“Honestly, when we started, Cesaro was like an acquaintance. When we started The Bar, we became brothers…I just saw him last week when I was staying in Florida. We stay in touch all the time. Legacy wise, I think he’s one of the greatest I’ve ever stepped in the ring with. I never had to worry about anything. He made me a better wrestler, better performer just by tagging with him…To me, he’ll always be one of the greatest. I think no matter what he does or where he goes, he’ll be a massive success. He’s a huge asset to anybody who picks him up. I always believed the guy would be WWE champion – that’s never off the cards because people have left and come back, but I think that whoever snaps up Cesaro is going to have a major, major talent on their hands. And I think he’s got a lot left in him, as well…”via The Dallas Morning News"

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Sheamus Vs. Gunther For The IC Title – Clash At The Castle (2022) in Cardiff, Wales

How could I not have included this one? This match here was also commented on by the great Bret Hart and there’s the reason for that. It was a masterpiece—a word I’ve used often—but it’s oh-so-appropriate.

dark. Next. Now is the time for Sheamus to have a title run

These men left it out there and it showed that even 20 years into his career, he can still deliver bangers…. I’ll let you finish that for me, dear readers.