Roxanne Perez is the woman to take the title from Mandy Rose


Mandy Rose is coming out of a celebration for her year-long run as NXT Women’s Champion. The segment was disrupted by Alba Fyre, much to the dismay of fans. It wasn’t because of a dislike of Fyre, but because she’s been on the failing side of the title picture a bit too much lately and there’s no believability that she will defeat Rose. When it’s time to take that title from Rose there is one name that has been booked well and has growing fan support. That person is Roxanne Perez.

Fans have varying degrees of thought about Rose’s run atop the NXT women’s division. Regardless of thoughts about her as a performer, the point remains that this second stint in the brand has been a boost for her career. She’s improved as a character and has grown in the ring as well.

Along the way, NXT has lacked booking any other women as credible threats to her. Even when one in Meiko Satomura joined the fray, they smartly booked a women’s three-way to avoid the backlash of Rose getting that victory. Even Nikkita Lyons, who looked like she was in line for a push to the title, has slid back a step into the women’s tag division. Perez is the only babyface on the roster with any credibility to find a way to pick up a victory over Rose.

Perez checks every box as an individual that can be booked for the future in WWE. She’s shown that she can perform in the ring. She’s been in NXT for less than a year and it’s already recognized that she can’t be booked like the other young talent. Her resume outside the WWE is enough to prove that point. Even though she dropped matches to the likes of Satomura and Rhea Ripley, there’s still value in seeing that WWE was confident in her abilities to slot her against them in a match with no frills to protect her. Rose can do it all and WWE can’t make the mistake of not booking her as a top champion for an extended time in NXT.

On the other side of the coin is Rose. She, along with Gigi Dolin and Jacy Jayne, have achieved all they can in NXT. The best bet would be to move them back to the main roster while there’s still strong interest in the trio. Dolin and Jayne have already hit SmackDown and Raw, to a decent reception from fans. The expectation should be a bigger response for Rose. Bringing Rose up through the Royal Rumble in two months would be a great way to reintroduce her as a main-event-level star to that viewing audience.

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It’s time for WWE to take the steps to remove the NXT Women’s Championship from around Mandy Rose’s waist. Her list of remaining contenders is short, and the one to take the belt from her has already tasted defeat at her hands once. Still, Roxanne Perez is the future of this women’s division and that future should begin now.