Shaloncé Royal shows again why she should be signed to AEW

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Shaloncé Royal is closing out the year with a big statement for AEW.

From the moment Shaloncé Royal first appeared on AEW, she has become one of the more recognizable personalities to ever appear on AEW Dark. It got to a point where it wasn’t hard to imagine her being signed by the company.

Of course, it hasn’t happened yet, and it seems like the longer the company goes without signing her, the more waves she makes everywhere she goes. Shaloncé has already won titles earlier in the year, and she has shown no sign of slowing down since then.

Shaloncé has recently won the OVW women’s championship and it was yet another reminder that she isn’t going away anytime soon. As Shaloncé continues her reign as champion, this championship win is something Tony Khan can’t ignore.

Why Shaloncé ’s title reign is an important case for her to go to AEW.

Anyone who remembers the culture of Ohio Valley Wrestling knows that there is a comprehensive and rich history. They were once a development company for WWE, but since stood alone with highs and lows through the years, and this title reign of Shaloncé is a major case for her own ever-growing star power.

The reason it’s a big deal is the fact OVW has been on a surge in the last few years with unique talent on full display. There have been many wrestling companies including Florida Championship Wrestling which folded after their services in WWE were no longer needed.

OVW has shown signs of life consistently and it has come full circle, especially with its women’s division. There is no shortage of women talent within all major companies and the independent circuit, and sometimes it takes just a few moments to stand out.

Shaloncé has won a title that has a rich history respectively and was held by Serena Deeb, Beth Phoenix, and Ruby Soho to name a few. The common theme is how these women have held this title and have gone on to have even more success in their careers. In this case, it’s a launch pad for a star who has been underestimated consistently since the beginning of her career.

The last time the Fighting Siren appeared on AEW was on an episode of AEW Dark Elevation in a tag team match where she went against Nyla Rose and Marina Shafir. The match was notable for not displaying Royal as much during the match itself.

It led to some fans wanting more from Shaloncé and maybe even a rematch confrontation with Nyla Rose. As of right now, it has not happened yet and Royal hasn’t appeared on an episode of Dark or Dark Elevation since then.

Royal has been focused on building herself up with a very respectable title resume and her adding the OVW women’s title is something no major company, not even AEW can ignore. At this point, AEW would be foolish not to capitalize on this special superstar and realize her growing influence.

Truth is, her holding this title that has such history behind it will only propel her career to a level not seen before. If there was any doubt about her from anyone after her previous appearances, all of that doubt should be gone.

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The ball is in Tony Khan’s court once more on whether they will make the reigning OVW women’s champion all elite. Until then, fans will have even more lasting memories as she holds the title, which should also be seen as yet another symbolic countdown before she becomes part of AEW.