Five match types that never made it into wrestling games

HOUSTON - APRIL 05: Jeff Hardy leaps off a ladder onto the body of brother Matt during an extreme rules match at "WrestleMania 25" at the Reliant Stadium on April 5, 2009 in Houston, Texas. (Photo by Bob Levey/WireImage)
HOUSTON - APRIL 05: Jeff Hardy leaps off a ladder onto the body of brother Matt during an extreme rules match at "WrestleMania 25" at the Reliant Stadium on April 5, 2009 in Houston, Texas. (Photo by Bob Levey/WireImage) /

Match diversity in wrestling video games can still grow by including these never-before-seen match types.

Wrestling games are known for being diverse and creative. From TLC matches to human torch matches, wrestling games have given us a lot of variety. But, they haven’t gotten all of them. Here are five wrestling match types that have never been put in a video game.

1. WCW’s House of Pain Match

WCW needed its own Hell in the Cell and their ordinary cage matches weren’t going to cut it. The House of Pain Match was rarely used before WCW sizzled out, but it was an interesting concept. The cage had support beams that wrestlers could hang off of and handcuffs the wrestlers needed to shackle each other with. The Filthy Animals fought The Revolution in the very first House of Pain match on Nitro (to a no contest). Later Sting would beat Vampiro on Nitro.

The House of Pain match would have been a fun stipulation in WCW wrestling games, but that was not in the cards. The match did not get popularity on the show and WCW already decided they were going to make Backstage Assault, a wrestling game with no ring or cage.

2. The Dome Cage Match

Making the cage a dome shape ensured that cruiserweights could do some very dangerous things. It added gymnastics and climbing into the match. The AAA made this match type famous with their 13-man gauntlets. TNA tried its hand at the Terror Dome. The object was for one wrestler to climb up the dome from the inside and escape out the small hole at the top. It sounds like something I wouldn’t be able to do even without wrestlers hitting me with kendo sticks.

As a feature in wrestling games, the dome cage would be a glorified WWE cage match. It would involve doing mini-games or smashing buttons so your wrestler could escape. The only advantage would be using the dome’s shape to do some sweet high-risk maneuvers.

3. The King of the Mountain Match

When TNA was getting their footing in the wrestling world, they came up with a match that could stick it to WWE’s ladder matches. The King of The Mountain Match was named after Jeff Jarrett’s persona. Wrestlers had to use ladders to put a belt on a hook, but they could also pin their opponents and eliminate them for a few minutes. The wrestler that got pinned would have to stay in a jail cell until they were released. Jeff Jarrett was usually the one who would win these matches, but Sting, Christian Cage, and AJ Styles would get very close to a victory.

The idea of grabbing a belt to put on a hook seems like a game-changer. I would love to see how that would work in wrestling games. Essentially you could have tactics like hiding the belt or putting all your opponents in the jail cell. It’s sad this match type will not be in a video game and much less a wrestling show.

4. The Dog Collar Match

The dog collar match has been around since the early 80s in this great sport. Some variations include a normal wrestling match with one fall, while others require the wrestler to tap all four corners of the ring. This match is usually saved up for a PPV when two wrestlers have a vicious rival. CM Punk and MJF were the latest volunteers for this match type.

The joy behind the dog collar match is how the wrestlers use the chain as a weapon. It can be turned into a choking submission or a clothesline machine. This would add a fresh coat of paint to wrestling games. Imagine the physics of hanging by a metal chain or using the metal chain to your advantage. That sounds like fun.

5. Hardcore Battle Royal

The Royal Rumble is the industry standard for 40 wrestlers hammering on each other and trying to throw their opponents out, but if you want more grit and hardcore you need to look elsewhere. ICW created the Square Go, which is a 40-man elimination match including weapons and tables. Only a select few wrestlers would get the advantage of bringing in a barbed wire bat or a table, but the weapon was fair game if they dropped it.

There are mods for old WWE wrestling games where you can add weapons, but there is no official mode for a licensed wrestling game. A 40-wrestler elimination battle where tables and bats are included would add some hilarious and vicious gameplay. As of now, you can add weapons to Wrestling Empire’s battle royal and I highly suggest playing it.