AEW should merge the TNT and ROH TV championships at Full Gear


A big match was added to AEW Full Gear, as Wardlow is set to defend his AEW TNT Championship against Samoa Joe and Powerhouse Hobbs in a three-way match. The idea of this massive battle has fans excited, but there’s another step that AEW can take to elevate the stakes in this match. Wardlow’s title shouldn’t be the only belt on the line, but Joe’s Ring of Honor Television Title should also be up for grabs, as it would be a good move to unify these two belts.

AEW purchased Ring of Honor and wrestling fans rejoiced. Tony Khan has presented himself as a fan of professional wrestling and for many, his purchase of the promotion meant that it would be honored (pun intended). Outside of the women’s champion, Mercedes Martinez, AEW has done a good job presenting the ROH brand across its weekly shows. Yet, that hasn’t helped the presentation that there are too many championships in AEW.

As a mid-card champion, there was a lot of hype behind Wardlow when he first picked up the TNT title. That hype was short-lived, as it took a while for him to be involved in a major feud for his belt. AEW built some push behind him leading into the PPV, as “WarJoe” was created. As with any other tag team, the split was coming, but there wasn’t clarity about what it should lead to. This match is an opportunity to help consolidate the AEW title picture and build up either Wardlow or Hobbs as an even bigger name on the AEW roster. Joe is a made man and doesn’t really need a championship at this point in his career. But seeing either of the other opponents holding up two titles at once is an image that can go a long way in their development.

Plus, merging the TNT and TV titles also helps Daniel Garcia. As the ROH Pure Champion, his title would become the only mid-card belt on the brand, giving him the space to operate as the true “worker’s champion.” Garcia has the potential to be an important name for AEW in the future and continuing to build him as an important champion goes a long way in helping that discussion.

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Wardlow, Samoa Joe, and Powerhouse Hobbs are going to batter each other at AEW Full Gear in a match that has the potential to steal the show. The stakes are already there with one title on the line, but they can be even higher if both belts were up for grabs.