5 Surprising Picks to Dethrone Roman Reigns at WWE WrestleMania 39

Jul 30, 2022; Nashville, Tennessee, US; Roman Reigns enters the arena alongside Special Counsel Paul Heyman for his last man standing match for the Undisputed Championship against Brock Lesnar (not pictured) during SummerSlam at Nissan Stadium. Mandatory Credit: Joe Camporeale-USA TODAY Sports
Jul 30, 2022; Nashville, Tennessee, US; Roman Reigns enters the arena alongside Special Counsel Paul Heyman for his last man standing match for the Undisputed Championship against Brock Lesnar (not pictured) during SummerSlam at Nissan Stadium. Mandatory Credit: Joe Camporeale-USA TODAY Sports /

Since his re-emergence as the Tribal Chief, Roman Reigns has dominated WWE and every man to stand in his way thus far. What started as a shocking heel turn and alignment with Paul Heyman has evolved into a family matter, birthing the Bloodline faction alongside the Usos and Solo Sikoa, and they have all felt the success that such strong family ties can bring.

While Roman has added the WWE Championship to his waist already occupied by the Universal title, becoming the first solitary WWE world champion since 2016, Jimmy and Jey Uso have similarly dominated SmackDown and RAW’s tag divisions as the Undisputed (and now longest-reigning) WWE tag champs. Solo even got in on the action when he picked up the NXT North American title earlier this year.

The faction has added an extra layer to their ranks this year with perennial joker and ‘Honorary Uce’, Sami Zayn too. Albeit to the ire of Jey Uso. But like all things in wrestling, there must be an endgame. After what would be a nearly three-year reign come WWE’s Show of Shows, WrestleMania 39, next year there are only a select few who feel viable enough to take the straps from the Head of the Table.

But what if Triple H’s regime were out to shock? Let’s take a look at five surprising options that could dethrone the Tribal Chief at WrestleMania.

5. Kevin Owens

Having not held a world title since his immensely entertaining Universal title run alongside Chris Jericho between 2016 and 2017, KO is long overdue a run at the top of the company. Better yet, he visibly defeated Roman Reigns at the Royal Rumble event in 2021.

Had it not been for some questionable officiating from the referees, a handcuffed Roman would have been unable to answer the ten count during their Last Man Standing clash, and he has yet to actually get a rematch to that bout. Add the layer that Sami Zayn has brought to the Bloodline, as well as his numerous interactions with his real-life best friend in KO, and there is a story to be told about the downfall of the Bloodline coming from the Canadian indie darlings.

Triple H literally cost Roman the Universal title and handed it to Kevin Owens six years ago, so it isn’t beyond the realms of doubt that he would position the Prizefighter to do so once more in the main event of WrestleMania.

4. Solo Sikoa

Solo stands as the stoic enforcer of the Bloodline, having shocked Wales and the world when he stopped Roman’s downfall at Drew McIntyre’s hands. But as the latest blood member to join the group, perhaps a plot could be afoot.

It can’t be denied that the baby Uso has a glittering future ahead of him, and maybe the best pay-off for the family matter that has been the Bloodline could be for Roman to give a monumental main event rub to his younger cousin. It’s literally in his name, Solo, maybe he could have been telling fans the entire time that he was not right for the group that relied on each other.

Maybe the abandoned brother who forged his own path to WWE has also forged his own path to the main event of WrestleMania. Maybe, just maybe, Solo Sikoa is the downfall of the Bloodline. Especially as the question remains over whether or not the Usos would be in Roman’s or their little brother’s corner.

3. Bron Breakker

Bron Breakker has been the franchise player of NXT since the re-brand from Black & Gold to 2.0. It’s understandable too when you consider that Bron descends from a rich wrestling heritage as the son and nephew of Rick and Scott Steiner respectively.

He has inherited the signature Steiner explosiveness and Terminator-like strength, evolving into a dominant force on the NXT roster as the infallible champion, and he could be the main roster bound at any given moment.

So how about cementing a new face of the company in the best way possible? The Royal Rumble is on the fast approach, and Bron is someone who could credibly inherit the Brock Lesnar push to win the world title almost immediately. “Wrestling has more than one Royal Family” as told by a certain someone’s theme tune, so why not have the Anoa’i Family felled by the heir of the Steiners?

2. Jey Uso

Although a remote pick, Jey Uso actually represents the endgame that the Bloodline has seemingly built towards. Before their faction was even considered a possibility, Jey and Roman clashed for the Universal title and the status as Head of the Table. At some stages, the latter title appeared to be the greater desire between the pair.

At the time it came as a surprise that Jey had even made the breakthrough to the main event, pinning a former WWE Champion in his own right on the way to 2020’s Night of Champions. Although never considered a viable heir to the Anoa’i Family’s throne, Uso had in fact managed to push his cousin to his limits and left Roman unsatisfied as he had to stoop to underhanded means to retain.

With submission and compliance in mind, the Tribal Chief offered his ‘Hot-Head’ kin a second bite of the cherry at Hell in a Cell, in an, I Quit match inside the steel structure. Again, Jey managed to dish just as much as he received, and Roman managed to get his submission but only when he was choking an injured Jimmy Uso with Jey lying in the watch. Having never definitively put his cousin away, the argument could be made that Roman fears what may come if Jey fancies his chances in a trilogy bout.

Uso appears to have fallen in line, both as the Right Hand Man and reunited with Jimmy as a tag champ. But there remains a natural defiance, especially shown as Sami Zayn wormed his way into the family. ‘Main Event Uso’ could well take the title from Roman at ‘Mania, especially if his brothers feel like the time is right for a change in Bloodline leadership.

1. CM Punk

CM Punk may technically remain on the AEW roster; but if reports are to be believed that may not be the case soon. At one time it felt like an impossibility that the innovator of the ‘Pipebomb’ could ever make his return to WWE. But after the incident now dubbed ‘Brawl Out’, the impossible now looks like the best chance for the Cult of Personality to remain in pro wrestling altogether.

Perhaps the best route for CM Punk to return to WWE would be to face the antithesis of what he is in the main event of ‘Mania, something that had long been desired by Punk. Roman was handpicked by Vince McMahon to be the face of the company, an heir to the likes of John Cena and Hulk Hogan.

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Punk, on the other hand, represents exactly what McMahon steered away from celebrating in the world of wrestling. It could be the best clash of ideologies, Roman now the entitled Tribal Chief, and Punk the anti-hero Voice of the Voiceless. Besides, ‘Mania is built for moments, and Punk’s return to win the title would erupt fans and critics alike.