Five Wrestlers Who Should Face MJF for the AEW World Championship

TOKYO,JAPAN - JANUARY 4: Kenny Omega enters during the Wrestle Kingdom 13 at Tokyo Dome on January 04, 2019 in Tokyo, Japan. (Photo by Masashi Hara/Getty Images)
TOKYO,JAPAN - JANUARY 4: Kenny Omega enters during the Wrestle Kingdom 13 at Tokyo Dome on January 04, 2019 in Tokyo, Japan. (Photo by Masashi Hara/Getty Images) /

One of the biggest moments of 2022 for AEW was MJF winning the World Championship after being in the company from the very beginning.  With a new champion comes new challengers.  But who should MJF face?

We know MJF’s first title defense is on December 14th at Winter is Coming against Ricky Starks, but where does he go after that match?  Here are five wrestlers I would like to see get an AEW World Championship match against MJF.

Darby Allin

Darby Allin has become a star in AEW and his pairing with Sting has been one of the best things to have happened in his career.  He was previously the TNT Champion but hasn’t gotten many opportunities to win another championship.  Allin as a challenger would be a fascinating story to watch.

Allin and MJF had a match in 2021 at Full Gear where MJF promised to win the match with a side headlock.  He did in fact win the match with a side headlock but only after hitting Allin with his diamond ring.  Allin has never gotten his chance to get revenge on MJF.

That story would be a great setup for this feud between the two.  Also, they are two of the “four pillars of AEW” and would make a fantastic match between two men who have different wrestling styles.  Allin is one of the biggest babyfaces in AEW and a World Championship match with MJF would make the match very exciting.

Wheeler Yuta

The one member of the Blackpool Combat Club who hasn’t won a major World Championship, Wheeler Yuta has brought the very best out of MJF.  Their most recent match on AEW Dynamite in October was terrific and left a lot of fans wanting more.

Yuta has been one of the breakout stars in AEW in 2022 with solid matches one after the other and a character that is believable.  His earlier interaction with MJF proved to be some very good, entertaining television.  He’s young, athletic, and has the underdog mentality that can have fans rooting for him.

After the first match back in October, it seemed like there was unfinished business between Yuta and MJF.  This chapter of their respective careers is certainly not over and it’s truly a matter of time before they face each other again in the ring.

“Jungle Boy” Jack Perry

Another wrestler considered one of the “four pillars of AEW”, Jack Perry is a fan favorite that is very hard to root against.  After coming off a big win at Full Gear with Luchasaurus, a potential push toward the World Championship could be coming for Perry.

In 2020 during the pandemic, Perry and MJF had a match at Double or Nothing and MJF won that match.  Since then, Perry has grown, and we’ve seen him continue to mature.

Perry has already been a champion as a co-holder of the AEW World Tag Team Championship and now might be the right time to put Perry in a run where he goes for a singles title.  Could a run at the AEW World Championship be in his future?

Eddie Kingston

This is a wild card choice but imagine the promos we could have between the two men.  Eddie Kingston and MJF, Yonkers against Long Island, the fighter against the pampered spoiled kid, this would be epic television.

Kingston has been grinding in wrestling for twenty years and his story is one of the most inspirational of the last several years.  His style of wrestling is a mix of fighting, strong style, and technical wrestling which makes him a dangerous man in the ring.  Kingston is a very believable challenger.

The two wrestlers from New York City could have one of the great feuds of 2023 and just the two of them in the ring at the same time could be electric.  Kingston and MJF would get the fans going crazy!  Fans would be dreaming of a World Championship match between not only two of the best wrestlers, but two of the best promo guys in the game today.

Kenny Omega

If MJF wants to have a great run as champion, he needs to defend his title against a former AEW World Champion.  While MJF and Jon Moxley in a rematch is more than likely going to happen, there’s one former AEW World Champion who should go for the title again, Kenny Omega.

While Omega returned recently to active competition, the former champion never got his rematch and a match against MJF would be a big-time match.  Omega who had the longest reign as World Champion in the history of AEW could come back and challenge MJF for the title.  Omega could say, “unless you beat me you can never say you’re the greatest AEW World Champion”.

This match would get the internet wrestling fans going crazy.  Omega trying to win back the championship he elevated against the current champion in MJF.  This is a dream match that should happen and has to happen at some point during MJF’s title reign.

When a brand-new champion has crowned the possibilities of challengers are endless.  With MJF now as the main man in AEW, his past could come back to haunt him.  But the future can be very bright if the right challengers come up to face MJF.

Three challengers ready for Jamie Hayter. dark. Next

MJF is in a position to have a great run as champion but the wrestlers he faces will decide where his title reign will rank.  MJF might be “better than us right now”, but will he be better than the five wrestlers I would like to see him defend the AEW World Championship against?  It’s time to prove it inside the ring.