Asuka should revive her Kana persona to join Bray Wyatt


The Bray Wyatt storyline has held fans’ attention for several weeks. Even though it is a slow-moving angle, every time he is on screen eyes are glued for any hints that may appear. Alexa Bliss may find herself involved with the arc; especially as continued hints pop up in the background as she goes through her steps as a singles performer on WWE Raw. But what if this angle took a turn that wasn’t initially expected? Imagine a world where it was Asuka that embraced her dark side and introduced the WWE Universe to her alter-ego known as Kana.

Kana was the moniker that Asuka made her debut under years ago. During one of her runs as a major heel character, Asuka would wear horrific face paint that was meant to intimidate the opposition. Fans who are well-versed in Asuka’s rise through wrestling have seen the images and videos of this version of her in the past, but Asuka began to post many of those images over the weekend, with captions that caused concern from many.

Bliss’s return to WWE hasn’t seen her reach the place where she was years ago. Bliss hasn’t held a singles championship since 2018, not including a momentary run as the WWE 24/7 Champion which shouldn’t count in any wrestlers’ lore. Along the way, Bliss was engulfed in an angle with Wyatt that didn’t have the greatest of outcomes. Since Wyatt’s return, there have been hints, that Bliss is going to go back to him.

Still, the addition of Asuka would be an interesting wrinkle to the equation. The WWE women’s division needs stories going on outside the title picture, and a solo feud between Bliss and Asuka as a sub-section to Wyatt’s arc would be unexpected and different. Asuka’s character hasn’t seen much development since joining the WWE back in 2015 and this is an opportunity to present her in an entirely new light. Plus, Bliss gets the opportunity to rebuild herself as a top babyface, which is something that many of her fans have called for in recent years.

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The WWE women’s division has a wealth of talent across the board. It’s imperative to find ways to feature these ladies outside the title picture. Creating a storyline between Asuka and Bliss where Asuka turns to embrace being evil alongside Bray Wyatt is a new step that would give fans something more to chase with all the names involved.