More details emerge after WWE fired Mandy Rose


Just hours after dropping the NXT Women’s Title, Mandy Rose was released from WWE in a surprise move. It was so surprising that Rose herself was got caught off guard, according to Bryan Alvarez.

Fightful reports that “WWE officials felt they were put in a tough position based on the content she was posting on her FanTime page. They felt like it was outside the parameters of her WWE deal.”

More details about Mandy Rose surface

Fightful has since reported that company sources are claiming that Rose asked for her release two weeks ago, although Fightful has no proof that the claims are true.

Wrestling Observer Network reported that Rose wasn’t given the opportunity to remove any of the photos in question.

“It is believed she was fired without being given the option to take the stuff down and tone down her site. Those in the company felt that they had no other choice than to fire her because she was an active performer on the roster, and these were public photos and videos for customers, unlike several of the women stars who have had their personal private photos hacked and released without their knowledge or permission where the company saw the talent as the victims.” (H/T: BodySlam.Net)

WON also reported that Shawn Michaels is the one who pushed Championship to Roxanne Perez when he found out what content was being posted to her paying subscribers.

Women wrestlers tweet support

Twitter was abuzz since the news broke just after 12 PM ET on Wednesday. Some wrestlers have been weighing in, although much less than expected. This doesn’t mean she isn’t being supported privately. It also appears to be women who are speaking up publicly.

Rose’s Toxic Attraction stablemate, Jacy Jayne simply tweeted multiple broken heart emojis. Her other stablemate, Gigi Dolin, tweeted a broken heart and wilting rose emojis.

Cora Jade tweeted in solidarity with the former champion:

Australian wrestler Shazza McKenzie tweeted her support:

Mandy Rose reacted on her FanTime page with the following statement:

"“Hey guys, thank you for all the messages. I am overwhelmed with all the love and support from you guys. And don’t worry the page is still up! ;)”"

WWE’s double standards

Toxic Attraction’s whole gimmick is based on their looks. It’s very reminiscent of the Attitude Era. Just one look at their entrance tells you what the gimmick is. WWE has exploited this across its social media channels, especially with Rose as a champion for more than 400 days. This was tweeted by NXT to promote their show and three women’s matches.

WWE not only wanted Rose to play up her sex appeal, but they consistently posted it as content for their fans. They shamelessly used it to promote her before and during her title run. As long as it benefits WWE, they don’t care. The minute they realize a Superstar is making money that they aren’t getting a cut of, then it’s an issue. The same thing happened with Zelina Vega and her Twitch account. They fired her, but eventually brought her back.

The timing is also interesting considering it came exactly one day after new allegations came out about former WWE CEO, Vince McMahon. McMahon retired earlier this summer when it came to light that he had paid four women in excess of $19 million.

Pro wrestling must shun Vince McMahon amid new allegations. dark. Next

Rose is believed to be making more money from her website than she did from her WWE contract. Since being fired from WWE, she has increased her subscription fee from $25 to $40. Although she was in NXT, if Rose is still under her main roster contract, she has a 90 day non-compete clause.