The strong first impression of Impact Wrestling star Masha Slamovich


Getting to know Impact Wrestling star Masha Slamovich.

Masha Slamovich has had an eventful year and that includes asserting her dominance in the Impact Wrestling Knockouts division. She has truly shown herself to be a star and asserted unparallel technical dominance on the roster with a very respectable win-loss record.

From the very beginning, it was clear Impact fans were going to get more than they bargained for with Slamovich on the roster. Whether it’s the fan’s first time seeing Slamovich in action or they always followed her path of destruction and dominance in the independent circuit, it really makes us excited for what’s in store for the Russian star next year.

Slamovich’s strong first impression before signing with Impact Wrestling.

In 2019, Masha appeared on Impact Wrestling before she was signed. She had a few matches, and one of the notable matches was against the current Knockouts champion Jordynne Grace. The match was very interesting, but Masha came up short.

It did look like Masha could have obtained a victory due to her technically sound wrestling abilities, which at the time was shown to give Jordynne a little bit of a run for that night. The match actually went down to the wire all because of one move that allowed Jordynne to win.

The most interesting aspect was Masha’s overall presence in the ring. As she stood toe to toe with Jordynne in a very convincing fashion, it looked like the Russian star was signed with Impact Wrestling right then and there because of her confidence and comfort in the ring.

It’s a sharp contrast from other competitors who have shown up in Impact Wrestling and other major wrestling organizations for one or two nights only and it’s clear that they are there for that one time only. That wasn’t the same aura that Masha gave off, she looked right at home in the Impact wrestling arena.

For us and most fans, it was the first time seeing Masha in the ring ever through Impact Wrestling, and fans wanted more of Masha right then and there. The weeks went by, and of course, Masha wasn’t signed at the time.

This led to curiosity about Masha and finding her in other ways with the power of social media. Of course, there wasn’t a shortage of matches to enjoy and the library only continued to grow as Masha continued to take on all challengers.

A match that Masha had that really showed us her technical excellence on full display was a match against an independent star known as Jayel Cotto. The match was sensational and enough to just make us anticipate more from Masha as time goes by.

Between that time of her very first appearance on Impact Wrestling in 2019 to her time official signing in 2021, she also showed us that she isn’t shy about mixing it up with the men’s division. Of course, that makes her fit right in with the culture of Impact Wrestling where opportunities are truly endless for women.

Especially since she is known for being able to absorb stiff punishment and somehow dish back an even more powerful blow than what she would initially receive from an opponent. Every superstar on the roster should be put on notice if the Russian superstar has them in her crosshairs.

With all of that in mind, every single title belt sanctioned by Impact Wrestling should be seen as a possibility when it comes to Masha Slamovich’s contention. That spells unlimited possibilities for the cunning superstar heading into 2023.

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It’s going to be an exciting time for Masha Slamovich as she continues her top to bottom domination in 2023. Fans will have to see what’s next for the superstar and see who is next on her radar on new episodes of Impact Wrestling.