WWE fans are finally getting the Ricochet they’ve wanted to see


There are a lot of feelings in professional wrestling around Triple H’s run at the top of WWE. Six months into the position and there are things to praise and things to question. One individual that has benefited from Triple H’s place in creative is Ricochet. The dynamic talent took part in a big match on SmackDown against GUNTHER. Even though he came out on the wrong end of the match, looking at the last few months of his run creates a level of excitement for what’s next in 2023.

GUNTHER and Ricochet put on a 20-minute match that was worthy of the main event slot during the December 16 edition of SmackDown. The outcome was predictable, but it was still enjoyable seeing Ricochet hold his own against a name as well-booked as the current WWE Intercontinental Champion. This is one of those situations in which a wrestler sees their stature built with a loss.

Look at what Ricochet has done in the last few months. Not only has he picked up big wins, but the matches tell a consistent story not based entirely around the idea of Ricochet as a “small underdog,” but rather a fully capable athlete that can hang with any opponent regardless of size. The man hit a suplex on GUNTHER, which is something those familiar with his independent saw in his move set before.

He’s put together wins over the likes of Baron Corbin, Trick Williams, Sami Zayn, and Braun Strowman. His match against Santos Escobar is one of the best of the year. Even with losses to GUNTHER, Carmelo Hayes, and Solo Sikoa in that same run, Ricochet remains a key part of the SmackDown roster.

Looking forward to 2023, it will be interesting to see where Ricochet goes. Will he have a big part in the Royal Rumble, with a showcase moment in that match to come? The same could be said with the Elimination Chamber and Money in the Bank, two other matches where he can shine and not necessarily be the individual to pick up the victory. Although, Ricochet with the Money in the Bank briefcase is an intriguing scene.

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“Let it play out” is the right stance to take as WWE continues to work through this phase of content with Triple H in charge. Some things aren’t hitting as well as others, and fans hope adjustments come. One thing to praise is the elevation that Ricochet has seen in his role and it helps create hope that other fan favorites will see the same in the future.