WWE NXT highlights the women’s division the best in all of WWE

Roxanne Perez, WWE/NXT
Roxanne Perez, WWE/NXT /

WWE NXT shines a bright light on a talented and young women’s division.

It was a prepotent 2022 for Bianca Belair, as she has spent the last 275 days as the Raw Women’s Champion. It was also a huge year for Liv Morgan (defeated Ronda Rousey to become the Smackdown Women’s Champion for the first time in her career). Rousey made a much-needed heel turn and dethroned Morgan to regain the title.

Aside from winning titles, Rhea Ripley, Bayley (along with Damage CTRL), and Becky Lynch all provided many memorable moments throughout the year as well. Meanwhile, both Ripley and Bayley failed to win a championship all year, but their characters developed significantly, and remained the top women in all of WWE. Not to mention, Charlotte Flair’s unprecedented return to Smackdown last week left the WWE Universe in a frenzy as she took down Rousey to win her 14th world championship.

Although both shows respectively highlighted the women’s division, neither managed to do it better than NXT.

Because Mandy Rose held the NXT Women’s Championship for 413 days, WWE has done a phenomenal job at developing their NXT women wrestlers’ characters and their in-ring ability. Look no further than current NXT Women’s Champion Roxanne Perez. In one year, she won the NXT Women’s Breakout Tournament, won the NXT Women’s Tag Team Championship (along with Cora Jade), won the NXT Women’s Iron Survivor Challenge, and of course, dethroned Rose back in December and became the youngest WWE NXT Women’s Champion in history.

Perez is the top babyface of NXT and is the future of WWE’s women’s division. In addition to Perez, her former and yet very brief tag team partner Cora Jade has become one of the top-heel women in all of NXT. The Perez-Jade feud was one of the top feuds of the year in NXT and we will likely revisit that in the future in a battle for the title.

At the moment, you don’t think about how great the women’s division is in NXT. For me, it was at NXT Deadline when I was able to reflect and take a step back and think about it.

Not only was it the best match at the pay-per-view, but once again all of the women in the match had a legitimate case to walk out as the Iron Survivor and number one contender.

Further, all of the best feuds right now in NXT are in the women’s division. Whether it’s Wendy Choo-Cora jade, Indy Hartwell-Elektra Lopez, Isla Dawn-Alba Fyre, or Zoey Stark-Nikkita Lyons.

Moreover, on this week’s NXT show, they announced a 20-Women Battle Royal for next week’s NXT New Year’s Evil that will decide the number one contender for the NXT Women’s Championship in the most exciting way possible. Yes — in a brawl.

Under Triple H, WWE has taken a new approach to NXT and some things have worked so well that it should be implemented on Raw or Smackdown as well. I love everything about NXT right now, but the women’s division is what keeps everyone intrigued week to week. People who haven’t watched NXT in months or even years have found themselves once again invested in the product and it is because the women’s division is the best thing about WWE right now.