Don’t count Tasha Steelz out for Impact Wrestling in 2023


What to expect from Impact Wrestling star Tasha Steelz in 2023.

Tasha Steelz was seen as a hot contender for the Impact Wrestling Knockouts championship in 2021. This was due to her standing as she aligned herself with the vicious Savannah Evans. It wasn’t very hard to imagine Tasha becoming the Knockout championship.

She would go on to win it in 2022 and it was an accolade that would ultimately define the faith that many saw in her as she continued her rise to the top. She had a great reign but would go on to lose the title to Jordynne Grace, but that didn’t stop her from pursuing the championship for the remainder of the year.

The major aspect is that Tasha Steelz was in a major position to make history in Impact Wrestling when it comes to the Knockouts tag team championship a short time later. It was a surprise that Tasha didn’t become the first knockout to win the tag titles three times as an individual (this was accomplished by Madison Rayne and Rosemary).

There is still time for Tasha to make history in every aspect of the Knockouts division to become the third one to accomplish this, and with her relentlessness, she could even take it a step further and make history as the only individual to win it four times.

She had a rocky end to 2022, which contrasts with the blaze of glory she had at the beginning of last year. With the growing Knockouts division and different contenders, it’s easy to forget about Tasha Steelz, but it would be wise not to sleep on Tasha Steelz for 2023.

Why Tasha Steelz is a wildcard on Impact Wrestling.

When Tasha Steelz started her rise to the top, she made a strong case why she could be the one to hold the Knockouts title, which was her first singles title in Impact Wrestling, which is an accomplishment she had in the independent scene including Battle Club Pro. When it came time for Steelz to reclaim her spot, she showed how relentless she is in her pursuit of the Knockouts title.

Unfortunately, her alliance with Savannah Evans led to a loss at the end of the year. It was yet another loss after a string of bad luck against other stars where Steelz came up short. That loss is very significant in many ways and is something worth looking at for in 2023.

Tasha was someone who used to be around various promotions as a person who generally lost to other stars. She built momentum upon switching alliances to continue her pursuit of making history in Impact Wrestling. That’s why it was a surprise when fans didn’t give more respect to Tasha Steelz’s overall title reign with those facts in mind.

She has always been in survival mode in building something even when people doubted her. She is a superstar who is not afraid of being backed against the wall since there is always something unusual or big that happens that puts her back in the spotlight.

She is also a superstar who is not afraid of losing a little momentum since she has been in this position many times before when it seems like she has lost momentum, whether it’s her partnership with Kiera Hogan being ineffective or her continued pursuits for championship gold today.

She is a person who rose up as the brightest star in the sky by forming in a magnificent way on the Impact Wrestling roster. That’s by picking the perfect moment to project herself to the next level. That’s why it’s not unusual for Tasha to turn this loss of momentum into something else for 2023.

There are a lot of ways for it to happen, but it’s just another story for the Knockouts division to watch out for in 2023. Fans should watch out for Tasha and what her next moves will be as she looks to reclaim full glory in making history on Impact Wrestling.

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Time will tell what her next moves will be, but if the last few years have taught us anything, to never count out Tasha Steelz even when it looks like her momentum is starting to fade. Fans will have to watch Impact Wrestling to see what’s next for the Boricua superstar.