In 2023 AEW must put a title around Eddie Kingston’s waist


AEW is coming dangerously close to wasting Eddie Kingston’s organic rise to being one of the company’s most over names.

Eddie Kingston walked through the AEW tunnel to cut a scathing promo on Cody Rhodes. He failed in his attempt to capture the title, but that was the moment that kicked off his rise in All Elite Wrestling. Three years later and he’s still one of the most important names in the promotion. Yet, he hasn’t held a championship no matter how much fans push for that moment. With a new year upon us, 2023 needs to be the year that Kingston finally gets a championship run in AEW.

Eddie Kingston may not be an “AEW Original” but that doesn’t mean he’s not a central figure in that locker room. Since his introduction on July 16 2020, Kingston has become one of the biggest fan favorites on the roster. Everything he’s involved himself with has gotten over with fans and the majority of critics alike. Along the way, he’s found himself in title situations, but the outcome never goes in his favor. 2023 should change that trend. The question is, “how does the company get there?”

The focus for a Kingston championship run should remain with AEW proper. While it would be interesting to see him and Claudio Castagnoli in a full-on angle, Kingston was the heart and soul of AEW long before the Ring of Honor brand was added to the equation. Moving him over to the secondary brand and seeing him pick up a singles championship there would not have the same impact.

Kingston would be a credible threat to both MJF and Darby Allin

Against MJF, AEW could present him as a “defender” of the promotion, quite the same way he was against CM Punk during their back-and-forth. If MJF is really going to go on the “Reign of Terror” many predict, leaving a well-built-up Kingston as a challenger toward the end of that run creates the believable atmosphere that he could become a new champion.

Allin is a different story, as Kingston could play both the heel and face in this matter. Allin’s current trajectory as AEW TNT Champion has many thinking he will turn on Sting at some point. If that’s the case, Kingston would be an interesting foil to Allin once he gets past his mentor. Or, if Darby continues the underdog babyface narrative, Kingston finally turning heel would be a go-to move in that situation.

Next. Eddie Kingston could have a Mick Foley-like run as AEW Champion. dark

AEW has put together multiple opportunities for Eddie Kingston to be crowned a singles champion but has yet to pull the trigger. Putting the title on Kingston would be a huge moment, and it’s one that the company should find time to pull off in 2023.