Chelsea Green is a key addition to the WWE women’s division


Chelsea Green is an addition to the roster that can bloom into an entertaining WWE superstar.

At the 2023 Royal Rumble, Chelsea Green made her return to the WWE. That return lasted less than a minute as she was immediately tossed out by eventual winner, Rhea Ripley. Green’s return to WWE has long been rumored, with Fightful Select outright stating that she signed the promotion weeks before her return. Green should be one that fans keep an eye on as she can become a central piece to this women’s division.

Green’s return kicks off her second stint with the promotion. The first was a fleeting run from 2018 to 2020 that didn’t create a lot of memorable moments, but there were flashes where it looked like Green would fit right in with the promotion. Her work with Robert Stone and being briefly paired with Charlotte Flair made it seem like the company had a lot in mind for her. Unfortunately, that would not be the case as injuries and a subsequent release cut that time short.

Where does Chelsea Green fit on the roster today?

But now Green is back, and she returns at a time when the promotion needs more women that can stand out as characters. The WWE women’s division is filled with talented wrestlers that can go from bell to bell. Yet it lacks performers that can fit that superstar look and feel the promotion tends to lean into. While she may not be recognized by the hardcore wrestling fanbase for a catalog of great matches, she doesn’t need that to be a star in professional wrestling, especially in the WWE.

Green has shown the range as a performer to do comedy and serious angles at the same time. WWE is lacking in performers that can carry their weight in that way. While there are plenty of capable wrestlers, there are few that can present themselves as characters that can get a long-term reaction from fans. Yes, a big part of that is the booking many of the ladies receive, but there’s a part of the equation that Green can answer where some just can’t at this moment. If utilized correctly, she can become another piece that can not only rise to a strong position on the roster, but she can help build up the others around her at the same time.

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WWE is putting in the work to build the women’s division. While there is still a lot to do, such as more matches on the main roster, bringing in key pieces like Chelsea Green goes a long way. Here’s to hoping that she’s given the space to succeed and become a central figure on the roster.