Wes Lee must get a lengthy babyface run with the North American title


One of the top babyfaces in NXT is Wes Lee.

He has transcended from just another high-flyer to an established star. Believe it or not, Lee has already been the NXT North American Champion for over 100 days and counting.

It’s been quite the journey for Lee to get where he is today. Some wrestling fans remember Lee from his days at Impact Wrestling in 2017-18. Lee made his IMPACT debut on April 20, 2017, in a six-way match for the X-Division Championship against Trevor Lee, Sonjay Dutt, Suicide, Andrew Everett, and Low-Ki.

During his short tenure at IMPACT, he would receive multiple chances at the X-Division Title but always came up short. It just wasn’t the right fit for Lee (formerly known as Dezmond Xavier) at the time.

Since it wasn’t working for him as a solo superstar, he would align himself with Trey Miguel and Zachary Wentz in forming what ended up being a fan-favorite stable, The Rascalz. Teaming with Wentz (who would become Nash Carter in NXT), is likely how most fans remember Lee’s early stages with the tag team that became MSK. As a team, they would win the tag team titles multiple times and were one of the best tag teams NXT had to offer.

When tag teams go their separate ways, it is always intriguing to see how things will work out for them individually. In April of 2022, NXT ran promos for Lee to return as a solo superstar and it just felt different this time.

This chapter was going to be different from anything Lee had been through before. Lee would return will a chip on his shoulder and the determination to showcase his in-ring abilities to the highest of their capabilities, and he’s done that and then some.

Over the last couple of months, he has put together some very entertaining feuds with Carmelo Hayes/Trick Williams, Tony D’Angelo, and, of course, Dijak.

Although he has had some quality matches throughout his career, none thus far quite match up to winning the NXT North American Title at Halloween Havoc last year in the five-man ladder match.

It was a moment that NXT fans were waiting for. The fans love Wes Lee and this moment captured the love Lee has for his fans as well. It all came to the forefront on this night. Ever since Halloween Havoc, Lee has elevated to new heights, portraying himself as a fighting champion that will take on all challengers.

Lee’s match with Carmelo Hayes in late November was one of the top matches of 2022 and if anyone still had doubts about him as champion, they were answered in that match.

As great as that match was, he managed to outperform and raise expectations even more after his banger with Dijak for the title at Vengeance Day a couple of weeks ago in front of a larger crowd in Charlotte, N.C.

This was the best match of the pay-per-view and it showcased both superstars very well, but with Lee coming out on top once again, he not only talks the talk of a fighting champion, he now walks the walk.

Currently, Lee is the top babyface on NXT, and WWE should build off this for months to come. The fans seem to be getting either bored of the Bron Breakker run as NXT Champion, or they’re awaiting his transition to Raw or SmackDown.

Next. These three teams will hold the tag team titles by the end of 2023. dark

Fortunately, there is a new face of NXT the fans love and cheer for, night in and night out, and it’s Wes Lee. He should have a long reign as NXT North American champion.