AEW Originals vs Freelancers isn’t working as a major angle

Toni Storm & Saraya vs The Renegade TwinsDayton, OhioAEW RampageFebruary 03, 2023
Toni Storm & Saraya vs The Renegade TwinsDayton, OhioAEW RampageFebruary 03, 2023 /

The main story in the AEW women’s division has major issues, especially heading into AEW Revolution 2023. 

All Elite Wrestling is heading into AEW Revolution in a little more than two weeks, and the show is slowly coming together. One of the biggest angles in the promotion is the current feud between Toni Storm and Saraya against the group “AEW Originals” comprising Britt Baker and Jamie Hayter. There is a growing concern about the direction of the angle as it is not working for many who watch and commentate on the product.

At face value, this angle has all the components of a perfect mix. Hayter is exceptionally over as a champion, as her growing momentum with fans elevated her to this position. Baker remains over, still one of the pillars on which AEW built its foundation. Saraya’s return started off in the right direction, with fans finally getting to see her return to in-ring action. Then there is Storm who is one of the best workers in women’s wrestling today. Throw in another fan favorite with Ruby Soho and this should be the exact type of storyline that helps elevate the entire women’s division.

Unfortunately, that isn’t the case. Instead, it seems as with each passing week the angle further disappoints, with many questioning the lack of direction in the story being told. Why did Saraya and Storm suddenly switch their position in the AEW women’s division? What are their motives for the animus towards the roster and the AEW fans? Baker doesn’t feel believable as a babyface, because much of her character remains the same.

And then for Hayter, this angle has the potential to bring down her long-awaited championship run. With a PPV on the horizon, she will likely find herself in a tag team match, rather than facing a stiff challenge for her title.

Hopefully, things change as this angle moves forward

What about the rest of the AEW women’s division? Talented performers like Nyla Rose, Riho, Serena Deeb, and others should be involved in this angle, but no mention of them as of yet. Many anticipate this angle will lead to a Blood and Guts match. It would be a major moment because AEW has yet to give the women a big gimmick match of that caliber. Hopefully, there is a concerted effort to make everything make sense when those teams are built, rather than throwing names together just for the sake of the match.

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Coming out of AEW Full Gear, the women’s division had a wealth of momentum. Jamie Hayter and Toni Storm were setting the ring on fire each week. AEW had the opportunity to put together a big angle between Baker and Hayter. Saraya returned to action, and much more. Now, all that momentum has seemingly dissipated. Will the group rebound? Of course, simply because it is a talented unit of performers. But the current storyline within the division has holes that need to be fixed sooner, rather than later.