A Cody title win would bring the Rhodes story full circle


Cody Rhodes is soon to be coronated as the WWE’s Undisputed Universal Champion. Well, that is if he can beat Roman Reigns, who currently holds a 900+ day streak as the title holder.

Cody Rhodes is the quintessential WWE babyface. He fits the archetype of what has always been the face of the company- a clean-cut, all-American (with exception) boy with a good, strong work ethic.  Bonus points that his lineage can be traced throughout the industry.

It’s truly amazing that the storyline of Cody’s real life is only now being utilized for what it is; rather than being buried in a faction or covered by face paint. And while I love Sami Zayn, Cody is the right guy at the right time.

Cody stands in the ring with such conviction of self that it is hard to not be captivated. By all other measures, Cody’s story shouldn’t be one that resonates this loudly with the wrestling fan; a good-looking guy with a great-looking wife who is gifted with great athleticism that also comes from royal lineage. It screams nepotism.  Only it doesn’t.

Cody gives us the chance to right a major wrong- a Cody win gives us, in a weird sentimental way, a title for not only his father Dusty, but a heavyweight title for his brother Dustin Rhodes, who took a dead-end gimmick and turned it into a hall of fame character; but was never able to ascend to the top.

No doubt, this one isn’t just for Cody.  This one is for all the ‘Sons Of A Plumber’ who never got a chance to hold the WWF/WWE Championship.

Because it won’t just be Cody at the end of the night standing in the ring; it will be Dusty and Dustin and Kerry Von Erich and Sting and every other WCW star that went north and got buried or handed polka-dot gear or had a rooster gimmick thrust on them.

Cody is the wrestling world’s answer to all the wrongs in the past 20 years, and I am totally on board with it.  To think, this guy was once relegated to being shoved into a black and gold gimp suit and clowning himself.  And now, he stands to be a world champion.

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While he may have swung a sledgehammer and destroyed Triple H’s throne; at Wrestlemania, it’s Vince McMahon’s throne that will finally collapse.