Eddie Kingston vs Claudio Castagnoli is a perfect feud for the Ring of Honor launch


Eddie Kingston versus Claudio Castagnoli writes itself as an angle and should convince wrestling fans to tune into Ring of Honor.

Ring of Honor under the leadership of All Elite Wrestling is set to launch this week. Tapings have already leaked for the episodes that will begin airing, starting on Thursday, March 2. One of the biggest images shows Eddie Kingston confronting Ring of Honor Champion, Claudio Castagnoli. This is the perfect feud to build immediate interest in the ROH product and pull fans into the next phase of the promotion.

Eddie Kingston versus Claudio Castagnoli has been on the top of the dream angles since Castagnoli made his AEW debut back at AEW x NJPW Forbidden Door. Those in the know are aware that the two men have a storied history, and Kingston made it clear that he immediately despised the idea that he would be working with him. Much to the chagrin of Kingston, he would end up teaming with Castagnoli to take on a man and faction that he hated most, Chris Jericho and the Jericho Appreciation Society. That match ended with Kingston’s moment stolen by Castagnoli.

Now, all of that will come full circle in what should be an angle that not only captures the attention of those that love Ring of Honor, but those that have come to know some of those ROH names via AEW.

Kingston has become one of the most important names in AEW. Even though he wasn’t an original signing, the moment he walked through that curtain to challenge Cody Rhodes, fans knew that they wanted to see him as a focal point in the promotion. AEW has baffled many because they keep cooling off Kingston after fans push to see him at the top of the card, but even then the company can’t keep this man down. Give Kingston a microphone for one segment and he will immediately remind fans that he’s 100 percent about this pro wrestling life.

Then there is Castagnoli. This is the opportunity for AEW to prove they are prepared to book him as the singles champion WWE refused to see in Cesaro. The company made a baffling decision to put the title on Jericho for a brief run, but correcting the matter and giving the fans this angle almost nullifies that mistake.

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Tony Khan had the tough job of sparking immediate interest in Ring of Honor when the brand was finally positioned with its own platform. Now that the launch is days away, the leak that Eddie Kingston and Claudio Castagnoli will be at the top of the card is the perfect way to put ROH in the minds of wrestling fans with plenty to watch every day of the week.