AEW has to capitalize on turning Ruby Soho heel beyond this feud

Brimstone Haunt presented Horror Hound at The Sharonville Convention Center. The show runs March 25-27, 2022. AE Wrestling Champion Ruby Soho.
Brimstone Haunt presented Horror Hound at The Sharonville Convention Center. The show runs March 25-27, 2022. AE Wrestling Champion Ruby Soho. /

Ruby Soho’s turn at AEW Revolution should have a big impact on the entire women’s division.

One of the big angles coming out of AEW Revolution saw Ruby Soho turn on her “friends” Britt Baker and Jamie Hayter. She aligned herself with Saraya and Toni Storm, effectively turning heel. Soho has remained a fan favorite within All Elite Wrestling since joining the company at All Out in 2021. This is now a moment that the company must capitalize on, and present Soho in the fashion that fans have long waited to see.

Soho’s release from WWE caught the wrestling community by surprise. She was a valuable member of that women’s division, but it was clear in the months prior to and after that WWE leadership at the time did not value the ladies on the roster. That group was hit hard during the roster cuts and Soho was one of the ladies that felt its impact.

Her arrival in AEW was met with massive fanfare and she was immediately elevated into the title picture. She didn’t overcome Britt Baker, but fans thought she would become a personality near the top of the card. After multiple title shots, it became clear that was not the case. Soho was always to be the one falling short, unable to grab the proverbial brass ring. That can no longer be the case as she’s made a big character turn.

Ruby Soho can no longer play second fiddle

The ”Freelancers vs AEW Originals” storyline isn’t generating the type of reaction that many expected. While it features some big names in women’s wrestling, the momentum just isn’t there due to the lackadaisical presentation of the angle. Yes, there’s still plenty of time to course correct, especially if it results in a big Blood & Guts match. But aspects like Soho’s turn cannot become a minor footnote in the angle.

One interesting bit of speculation is whether Soho’s allegiances are really with Saraya and Storm. Both of those ladies left WWE willingly, while Soho was released at a time when the COVID-19 pandemic nearly drove professional wrestling to a halt. Imagine if AEW presents her as bitter toward not only Baker and Hayter for their impact on her failures in AEW but what a story it would be if she also had resentment toward Saraya and Storm for the special “treatment” they received from WWE while so many others were released.

The image of her eventually turning on them as well, setting Hayter and her AEW Women’s World Championship in her sights is an opportunity that can finally build her into the main event character her fans want to see. AEW needs to build more top contenders for that women’s championship, and Hayter’s run as champion is in danger of losing steam if that doesn’t become the case. What happens once this angle is over will have major implications for the women’s division and Soho needs to be at the forefront of that discussion.

Ruby Soho is back as a central figure in the AEW women’s division. Her siding with Saraya and Toni Storm creates an open door that can lead to a big build for her to finally become a champion in AEW. If the promotion pulls the trigger on the matter, not doing so would be a disservice to the talent she brings to the company.

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