It’s time to put the AEW Tag Team titles back on FTR

AEW, FTR (photo courtesy of AEW)
AEW, FTR (photo courtesy of AEW) /

FTR is back and the fans are ecstatic to see the best duo in the world in AEW. The company must respond by giving them a long overdue title run.

Fans looked suspiciously at the tag title match scheduled for AEW Revolution. The Gunns successfully defended their titles against The Acclaimed, plus the combinations of Jay Lethal and Jeff Jarrett and Danhausen and Orange Cassidy. Yet, the big moment came when FTR hit the ring, signaling the return of Dax Hardwood and Cash Wheeler. It’s the moment that many looked forward to and it must be one that leads to FTR having the AEW World Tag Team Championships once again.

2022 was an interesting year for FTR. They spent much of the past 365 days as champions. They held the Ring of Honor, IWGP, and AAA tag titles, successfully defending them around the world. All the while, fans wondered when they would be thrust back into the AEW tag title picture. They were clearly the best team in the world, but the promotion which held their contracts seemed reluctant to put them on television and place the titles back in their grasp. It was a situation that led to much speculation about their status with the organization.

Back in 2020, FTR was able to secure the AEW Tag Team titles. They held those belts for 63 days. This is the second shortest title run to date. That accolade is held by the Young Bucks, but the Bucks have the satisfaction of being the only duo to hold the titles twice. FTR should not only match that status but also go on an extensive run with the belts.

FTR with the tag titles helps the entire division

AEW’s tag team division was once a big strength for the promotion. But that has changed. For reasons unbeknownst to many, the tag team division has taken a step back. While fans may not want to recognize it, the title match at Revolution – while good – did not feature the best that the promotion has to offer in the division.

Putting the belts back on FTR immediately injects energy into what the tag division can do. Imagine a recharged FTR hunting down The Gunns for the problems they caused them, kicking off the run that led to them losing all their titles as 2022 closed. AEW would be smart to put FTR over, then let them loose to tackle feuds with all the big teams the division has to offer. Best Friends, The Embassy, The Lucha Brothers, Top Flight, and many other duos would stand in their way. All to be overcome until FTR finally had the opportunity to stand in front of The Young Bucks. Revisiting the Bucks versus FTR feud is the exact angle to help increase the momentum that AEW has seemingly lost.

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AEW has a big opportunity right in front of them. FTR is back and the fans made it known that they were missed. The right decision would be to put them over The Gunns to reclaim the AEW Tag Team Champions. From there, let them go on a dominating run that would not only help establish their legacy but help rebuild the tag team division.