Julius Creed is a potential star for WWE’s future


Julius Creed checks all the boxes of being a star in the making for the WWE.

With all eyes on the road to April 1st and WrestleMania weekend, it’s time to start looking toward the Raw after Mania. That show and its sister Smackdown typically highlight new stars and stories to the WWE audiences in a major city. Two of this year’s potential call-ups are NXT standouts Brutus and Julius Creed, the talented Creed Brothers. In particular, Julius Creed is a potential star for WWE.

The real-life siblings have been active competitors on NXT for nearly two years and have been two of NXT 2.0’s standout performers. They have an in-ring style that is hard-hitting and intense. While the brothers will likely be called up as a unit if their recent showing on WWE’s Main Event programming is any indication, Julius Creed, in particular, has everything needed to be a future WWE superstar for the next generation.

A Stellar Background

In modern pro wrestling, the sports in “sports entertainment” is a critical factor when some fans watch the shows and are especially relevant to the promotions producing the shows. Julius Creed, in addition to his stand-out NXT work, has an amateur background that would put much of the roster to shame.

According to his Assistant Coach Bio from Duke University, He went 107-38 for his overall record on the way to being an NCAA All-American, NCAA Academic All-American, and two heavyweight titles. The natural-born champion or the intense worker who sacrificed for his spot are both valid characters based on Creed’s actual CV. That means he can use his accomplishments to present a heel or face when his solo run officially begins.

The Superstar Look

In 2023 it is less clear what a WWE superstar looks like to fans, and the company’s management team is less defined than it had been for previous generations. Indie superstars like Sami Zayn and Kevin Owens are increasingly popular with fans of every stripe. However, an easy way to define yourself as a superstar is to look at the part of a wrestler. Creed is billed at 6 foot 3 inches and is in phenomenal shape. He has a clean-cut look that is quite appealing if you’re looking for a wrestler who can appear in popular media or at charity events.

His stature and fitness match what you would typically see when looking at a professional athlete or television star, which is great for a performer who has to be both. Of the current crop of NXT talent, his height, physical build, and look stands out as one of the few performers who could do that well.

In-ring Talent

The Creed Brothers like to toss people around in the ring, making for some enjoyable NXT programming matches. The power of Brutus and Julius is fun to watch in that both guys appear capable of takedown, power slam, or spine buster on almost anyone on the roster. However, the best tag teams in wrestling will try and have a few styles, and the Creeds are no different. Julius Creed has shown the NXt faithful a beautiful Spanish Fly (including one off a steel cage) and a shooting star press that a man his size shouldn’t be able to do.

Of the brothers, Julius has an explosiveness that will help him adapt to the main roster and work a main event-style match. He can move around quickly with stars like Seth Rollins, bump for a monster like Bray Wyatt, or use his power to compete with larger athletes like Brock Lesnar.

Has Already Worked Alone

Julius has been given a few more opportunities to shine alone than his brother, which indicates that WWE sees the potential. Even better, though, is that he has typically delivered in those spots. While he is certainly not perfect yet, he was able to carry a feud with fellow faction mate Damon Kemp in a way that resonated with fans. His performances kept the fans emotionally interested in the story being told, even though it was a tag team act competing in a singles feud.

Since then, Julius has worked with Jinder Mahal, a controversial former WWE champion. While there are undoubtedly bigger matchups, the company could have given him that they wanted Creed to work with a former champion and main roster act and that the match was decent, which adds to his impressive, if not extensive solo work. When a group splits, it can surprise some fans and even the WWE creative team to see which stars flounder and which adapt. Still, previous solo experience is usually the safest indicator of future success.

The Creed’s Charisma

Brutus and Julius are charismatic guys in the ring, displaying a fire that the fans love. In-ring charisma can’t be taught, but it’s also not the only time you need to be interesting. You have to have a presence whenever you are on screen, and Julius Creed has that. He has an active personal social media profile that shows the former NXT tag team champion being a regular guy, mixed in with motivational and fitness content.

One of the prominent criticisms of the brothers is in their promo ability, and they occasionally speak a little too aggressively, which comes across as a stereotypical pro wrestler. Acting out your lines can be worked on if fans find you interesting to watch. His unscripted moments in the ring and on social media show an interesting man that, with the right teachers, like Shawn Michaels of NXT, can get to a more natural place when delivering promos.

Future Prospects of Julius Creed

Nothing is ever certain in wrestling, but some bets are better than others. While the team has yet to debut on the main roster, NXT is now, more than ever before, catered toward developing young talent into stars, regardless of their background. Julius Creed’s performances thus far have earned him and his brother a shot on Raw or Smackdown soon. Betting against the Creeds making an impact on the main roster soon would be a mistake, and betting against Julius Creed to be the breakout star of Diamond Mine would be equally as foolish.

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