The reformation of The Elite can be AEW’s greatest story to date


Everyone knew this moment was to come, but The Elite coming back together is the biggest story AEW can tell.

Storytelling in professional wrestling is making a major comeback. While great matches continue to happen on a nightly basis, fans are looking for character development and story elements that wrap them in to come back for each episode. The Bloodline angle in WWE is one of the best the industry has seen in decades and is heading for a new chapter at WrestleMania. AEW has told excellent stories since the company’s inception, but the potential angle around the reformation of The Elite has the potential to be its greatest to date.

The Elite has had quite the run in AEW. From the very founding of the company to multiple title victories, kicking “Hangman” Adam Page out of the group, Kenny Omega’s injury departure, The Young Bucks “making up” with Page, to the current iteration today. And that doesn’t even include the meta stories that are frequently highlighted on BTE. All those layers add new wrinkles to the story arc, with fans breaking down the lore on a weekly basis.

But the Wednesday, March 15 edition of AEW Dynamite ended with Page slowly turning around to see The Elite standing behind him, helping him run off the Blackpool Combat Club. Before everyone drools over the idea of a feud between the BCC and The Elite, there has to be a moment to talk about why the story about The Elite’s reformation has the opportunity to be a major momentum builder for AEW.

The focus of this angle begins and ends with “Hangman” Adam Page

When diving into the split with The Elite, the conversation has to start with Adam Page. When AEW first started, he was expected to be the crown jewel and first champion of the company. But Page failed and the unraveling started. Page’s confidence was shot and that led to him not believing The Elite had his back like earlier expected. He was jettisoned from the group, lost to Omega, and forced to go on his own. While Omega and The Bucks remained at the top of their game, Page had to go the long way to rebuild himself and become the champion he would eventually become. After finally overcoming Omega, Page became the defender of AEW – bold enough to step up to CM Punk with the confidence that eluded him in his initial championship pursuits.

That version of Page reconciling with The Elite to reform a supergroup is going to be an amazing story. Will The Bucks become Page’s biggest advocates when it’s time for Omega and Adam to talk? Will Omega welcome him back into the fold after all they did and said to each other in the build to their matches? Can they fully trust each other to remain a unit when facing off against a group like BCC? These are the questions that AEW will have to answer through the story and what will keep fans coming back to see what happens next.

And don’t forget about the idea that CM Punk could return to the company, team with FTR, and be another major foil for The Elite in the future. That would break the multiverse.

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Professional wrestling is not just about matches. Fans come for the angles that help their love for performers grow over the years. The Elite coming back together already set the wrestling community ablaze, and this is the angle the company needs to build momentum in the weeks and months to come.