Three Women That Could Join the Blackpool Combat Club


The Blackpool Combat Club strikes fear into everyone on the AEW roster, and they could stand to add a woman to their ranks.

Does the Blackpool Combat Club need female members?

Now hold on, before you start writing all manner of insults my way, let me be clear. I think they do. I think mixed factions can, and have in the past, been successful, and I think mixed factions could be a good way for AEW slowly dip its toes into intergender wrestling. But does the BCC, one of AEW’s most prominent factions, need a female member?

They’re already packed to the brim with recognizable faces-while the names might be different, but casual fans are sure to recognize Bryan Danielson, Jon Moxley, and Claudio Castagnoli were they to stumble upon AEW while flipping through channels. Wheeler Yuta is a rising star in wrestling, and whilst he was there, William Regal was a great manager/mentor/grizzled old veteran couch.


Regal is gone, and Danielson hasn’t interacted with the rest of the BCC in months. Arguably, they need a new member. And while there are plenty of male members of the roster who could fit into the BCC mold, doesn’t that feel a little boring to you? The BCC has always been daring, dangerous, and ruthless. Those traits aren’t exclusive to one gender. There are plenty of women who would fit right into the BCC ranks.

At the very least, three.

Jamie Hayter

Let’s get obvious out of the way first, shall we? The current AEW Women’s World champion would be a good fit for the BCC because…well, just look at her. Her match quality has been consistently high since returning to the company as Britt Baker’s muscle, she’s got swagger for days, and Jamie Hayter‘s time spent cutting her teeth in the Joshi scene has given her a hard-hitting, ruthless style that fits the BCC ranks like a glove.

Hayter is fine right now with Britt and Rebel, yes. The Pillar and the Killer is undeniably a good tag name, and Britt seems to have put her ego aside, allowing Jamie to be the star. But once the eventual split happens, (and it will happen, let’s be real,) Jamie should continue what she’s been doing since she won her title, which is raising the title’s relevancy. She can do so in the BCC.

Plus, she’s actually English. That helps.

Jordynne Grace

The Juggernaut of the Impact Knockouts division had a busy year last year, but with her schedule a little lighter after dropping the Knockouts title to Mickie James, one could argue it’s time for Grace to make the jump to AEW as soon as possible.

Building an impressive resume and physique for herself as of late, Grace could fit into the BCC perhaps not as Moxley style striker like Hayer would, but as an athletic specimen like Claudio Castagnoli. Grace is no stranger to intergender wrestling, and could help to credibly introduce it to the mainstream with her increasingly impressive stature. She’s literally training for a bodybuilding competition at the time of writing, she could believably throw men around.

Grace has, in this writer’s opinion at least, done all she can in Impact. But because of Impact’s reputation, there could be a feeling of Grace being a big fish in a small pond were she to debut in AEW alone. Attaching her to a star-studded stable could be the foot-in-the-door Grace needs, giving her the opportunity to show what Impact made her the most dominant women’s star on their roster.

Leyla Hirsch

In a case of out of sight, out of mind, Layla Hirsch is sure to have slipped from the mind of many an AEW viewer over the last year. Since the Russian-born competitor was injured at a Dark taping in April of 2022, there’s been nary a peep about her on AEW television.

Last seen in a feud against the also currently injured Kris Statlander, Hirsch is undoubtedly a talented wrestler, versatile in what she can do in the ring. She works a brutal, MMA-based style, with a credible armbar finish, but can also crack out a beautiful moonsault as well. And, not to beleaguer the point, Hirsch has proven more than capable when it comes to intergender matches in the past.

Like Grace, Hirsch needs an entry point. With so much time away, people might need a refresher on who she is, and for many, Hirsch’s return will be the first time seeing the “Legit” athlete. The question that will surely be on Tony Khan’s mind is, how does one make the crowd care about Hirsch once she’s back from injury?

The answer is simple. Have her join the BCC, and train under Bryan Danielson. Danielson’s protege storyline with Daniel Garcia was great for both men, and one could argue that putting Hirsch and Danielson together would give Hirsch the star power, and give Danielson something to do, and an opportunity to pass on knowledge. It writes itself.

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