CM Punk and FTR versus The Elite would be the biggest in-ring story AEW can tell


If CM Punk returns to AEW and joins FTR to take on The Elite, this would be the biggest story the company can create for fans. 

Storytelling has always been an important part of professional wrestling. Yet recently it has been elevated thanks to the great storylines that AEW has put together and the impact of The Bloodline angle in WWE. They become even more important when real life crosses into the scripted space of wrestling. With news that CM Punk has expressed an interest in returning to AEW, that company has an opportunity to tell the most important story of the year if they can bring together Punk and FTR to pit them against The Elite.

Fightful Select reported on Wednesday of Punk “still having the wrestling bug.” Dax Hardwood of FTR mentioned on his podcast that Punk “misses” professional wrestling. That also goes together with the Select report that further mentioned Punk having “laid out numerous scenarios in which he’d return.” Those are all bits of great news for the legions of Punk fans. In many ways, it should excite fans of professional wrestling because Punk’s inclusion helps the entire industry.

CM Punk and FTR versus The Elite would main event any show

But now the angle turns to what and if Punk returns to AEW. While it is understandable to see a situation where he and the members of The Elite, Kenny Omega, Matt, and Nick Jackson, would avoid each other. There’s money in building on this personal issue as an on-air angle. Throwing in FTR to play off the speculation of their real-life issues with AEW backstage would make this angle even more dramatic for fans. The payoff of that six-man tag team match could easily carry any major AEW PPV. Even All In at Wembley Stadium on August 27.

Mixing real-life emotions with the scripted nature of professional wrestling has worked and failed miserably throughout history. The real-life relationships in The Bloodline angle make this storyline much more impactful, especially if Jey Uso is the man to rise to defeat Roman Reigns. Bret Hart and Owen Hart told powerful stories as brothers feuding decades ago. AEW has the opportunity to tell a great story that elevates all parties involved in a way that wouldn’t be possible without the nature of the incident that created this entire matter.

Imagine a scenario where Punk joins FTR to face off against The Elite. This leads to a six-man tag team match, and eventually, breakout angles where The Bucks challenge FTR, while Punk and Omega take their beef into a singles match. Those are the moments that professional wrestling fans are waiting to see, and willing to pay to see. All Elite Wrestling has told some great stories during its brief run, but this angle has the potential to trump them all.

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