Piper Niven should go on a run as a monster heel in the women’s division

Piper Niven can be a force of destruction for the women’s division if she’s given the chance to shine.

Piper Niven, f.k.a., DouDrop needs no introduction to the WWE Universe. She has been a fierce competitor in the WWE, but previously her name and character didn’t match her credentials. Her character in the WWE was limited and it only involved working as a jobber to other performers.

WWE didn’t give her the exposure, but with Triple H in charge, things can turn out better for her. She has a plethora of talent in the women’s division and can be pushed in various ways to rise to the top.

It would be a great way to put her at the top of the women’s division, by giving her an opportunity to showcase her skills in a division where even Asuka couldn’t topple Bianca Belair at WrestleMania 39.

Piper Niven Can Be Pushed As A Main Event Star

Piper Niven can be pushed to the main event scene as she can participate in a battle royal and come out on top, she can then be pushed to the scene at SummerSlam, but before that, she can prove her mettle by taking out all the women in the women’s division.

Her sheer power would be enough to put her on the scene and then she can go on to challenge the champion for the title. Her attacks can get verbal and personal as SummerSlam approaches and she can then go on to beat the EST of the WWE.

While the match would have to be of a higher caliber, one cannot deny that Niven would have to rise to the occasion and prove her worth by putting out captivating promos every week on the mic and in the ring.

WWE has Vince involved again, so things could be steep for her, but there’s always a chance for Triple H to play ‘The Game’ and help Piper Niven become the excellent superstar that she is in the real world.

Her win would also portray her as a role model for wrestling fans as she represents diverse groups that enjoy the product each week. Seeing her rise to the top of the division would be an important step not only for her career but for continuing the need to build inclusiveness within professional wrestling and the WWE specifically.

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