Nathan Frazer should become the next NXT North American Champion


Nathan Frazer is a talented young talent but he has a high ceiling in WWE NXT

When the WWE announced in December 2020 that they had signed Nathan Frazer (formerly known as Ben Carter) to an official contract, AEW and independent wrestling fans around the world were caught a little off guard. In September 2020 Frazer would compete in three matches on AEW Dark, two of those against Ricky Starks and Scorpio Sky.

Fans around the internet had just assumed that this meant he would soon be joining All Elite Wrestling, but obviously, that was not the case. Like most independent stars that sign with WWE, Frazer was sent to NXT so that he could begin his journey and learn the “WWE style”. Lately, according to, it seems as though they are ready to start giving Nathan tv time each week and has injected him into the NXT North American Championship picture.

Since March 1 Frazer has competed alongside NXT Tag Champions Gallus while defeating Bronco Nima, Bryson Montana, and Xyon Quinn. He would then put on a show in a losing effort during the NXT North American Title Qualifying Battle Royal, followed by a defeat of Dante Chen at a house show before losing to Dragon Lee in an excellent match on April 4th.

It was after this match that Frazer would be interviewed where he would state that he “believes in his gut” that he can turn things around while finishing the interview by saying “I guess when you have a moment of enlightenment your perspective changes. And when your perspective changes, your reality changes. And I’m pretty sure that’s just what happened to me”.

This is obviously a sign of a shift in his character arc which would, in theory, result in a heel turn for Nathan that would present an opportunity to have a rematch with Dragon Lee and potentially move into a title opportunity against Wes Lee.

While this won’t happen, especially with his recent storyline involving Chase U, based on the “enlightenment” Frazer mentions finding, it would make sense to pair him with Tyler Bate as he has been playing the sort of a spiritual healing type character lately.

Frazer’s character could use a little more “grittiness” or simply having him show a little more emotion when things aren’t going his way. It appears he’s been given the same personality as Raquel Rodriguez has since she joined the main roster. Smile, and show your opponent all the respect possible while never taking a shortcut or showing any anger.

This switch would give both Wes Lee and Dragon Lee another heel to work within their weight class, alongside JD McDonagh and the recently returning Noam Dar, which would be beneficial to all parties involved as well as the audience who would get the treat of watching some incredible matches. I may get some grief for this opinion, but those guys could easily put on matches that would rival some of the great NXT Black and Gold matches that most of us love so dearly.

All signs point to Dragon Lee being the next NXT North American champion, but I would go a different route. Frazer should ask his buddy Wes for a shot at the title with the champ agreeing instantly, as he knows they would have an incredible back-and-forth but also because Nathan is his pal. What could go wrong? Then, obviously, Frazer should then cheat to win the title thus cementing his heel turn and providing the babyface(s) a heel champ to chase which is always ideal.

Nathan’s in-ring ability is already on an elite level and he is only 24 years old. His future is very bright and putting gold around his waist at this young age would signify to the viewing public that he is most certainly a force to be reckoned with and someone you need to keep your eye on.

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