Ring of Honor: Eddie Kingston announces he may need surgery soon


Eddie Kingston hints at needing time away from in-ring to deal with injuries.

Two weeks after being denied gold by Claudio Castagnoli, fans finally heard from Eddie Kingston. Kingston has dealt with a hernia since September. It went undiagnosed for months.

In a vignette, Kingston detailed what he’s been dealing with. He doesn’t want to make excuses for losing to his nemesis. He thought he could treat Castagnoli the way he had in the past. Initially, he had a plan of attack, but went “back to what I know; fighting.” He admits that his opponent was the better man that night.

“My man, you put a whoopin’ on me. The reason I’m most likely going to need surgery for this hernia or the hernia acted up really bad and I’ve had it since September was because you beat my (expletive) so much that I couldn’t sleep that night. I couldn’t get comfortable. It felt like someone was taking their two fingers and pushing it on my (expletive) balls and it was going up my stomach. You did that. Because you were tougher and more violent.”

Kingston said he sat in discomfort (and “a little bit of pain”) in his hotel room after their match and thought about quitting. “I’m still under AEW contract, even though I’m doing Ring of Honor as well. (…) I sat there — and you were right, Claudio — I wanted to quit. I wanted to leave, I wanted to flip out. I wanted to blame everyone else because it’s comfortable.”

He thought back to his match with Cody Rhodes and thought about how he tweeted, “You win or you learn.” He realized he forgot that lesson. “It’s winning and learning. The only time you lose is when you don’t learn. And I learned, Claudio.” “The Mad King,” said he has to move on because he has no choice.

Earlier this week, it was announced that Kingston was no longer appearing at NJPW’s “Collision in Philadelphia” this Sunday and has been replaced by Orange Cassidy.

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Should Kingston need surgery, it’s unclear what the timetable would be for his return. In the first month of ROH, Kingston has been in the show’s biggest feud. His presence will be missed while he’s out of action. While many were rooting for him to become ROH Champion, in hindsight it seems like it’s for the best that he lost as he’d likely have to relinquish his title soon after winning it and wouldn’t have even had a chance to defend it.

Hopefully, upon his return, he and Castagnoli will have a chance to run their title match back.