WWE: 5 Surefire Post-WrestleMania Predictions for the Rest of 2023

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4.) Raquel Rodriguez Will Win MITB.

Raquel Rodriguez will win the MITB Ladder Match because she is a former NXT Women’s Champion who has improved in the ring on the main roster and was on the receiving end of some solid rubs from Ronda Rousey during her title reign. Rodriguez just needs a stronger character, but a heel turn could save that. Once she loses those tag titles to Ronda Rousey and Shayna Baszler at BackLash, she can turn heel on Liv Morgan and refocus on her singles career on the toad to WWE MITB 2023, where she can win the MITB Contract.

WWE has had a tradition of booking Women’s MITB Winners to cash in on the same night they win it. Since Rodriguez is still green, WWE should build her up as Ms. MITB before booking her to cash in and not make the same mistake they did with Liv Morgan last year.

3.) Finn Balor Will Win MITB.

Finn Balor will win the MITB Ladder Match because he is a former Universal Champion who needs to find his way back to the main event scene to reclaim what he never lost. As the leader of Judgment Day, he should lead that faction to championships. Ripley already won a title and Damian Priest and Dominick Mysterio can chase after the tag titles. When it comes to Balor, he can win either the mid-card or world titles with the MITB Briefcase. It is unfortunate that he lost to Edge at Mania, but a MITB victory in his hometown of the UK would do him wonders.

WWE has had a tradition of booking Men’s MITB Winners to fail their cash in recently. Since Judgment Day need to be put over with sufficient heal heat to be considered a credible threat on the main roster, this MITB victory would be rewarding for their compelling character development..