NXT is the best content that WWE puts out each week


Few will want to admit it, but NXT is the best content that WWE puts out each week.

WWE puts out a lot of content each week and opinions about the quality of such ranges. There was a time when WWE NXT was considered the best thing on television, but that quickly shifted, especially as AEW carved out a massive section of that fanbase. NXT went through changes, but the product that is put on television today is perhaps the best that WWE gives fans on a weekly basis.

Before the conversation even begins, it’s easy to pick apart a lot of things within the brand. Yes, there is an overabundance of campy characters that harken back to the 80s and 90s eras of professional wrestling. Some may say that NXT is the “hornist” show in professional wrestling. While there may not be an official metric to measure said status, there are a lot of angles in NXT based around some rampant idea of lust. Still, there’s a lot of value to pull from the Tuesday night showcase.

First, NXT has quality in-ring performances each week. Fans may be disgruntled with the amount of actual wrestling happening on Raw and SmackDown, but that is not the case for NXT. 2023 alone has featured some excellent matches like Carmelo Hayes versus Tyler Bate, JD McDonagh versus Ilja Dragunov, Roxanne Perez versus Meiko Satomura and the Fatal Four-way match from the April 11 episode of the show. Each week features at least one can’t-miss match, whether that is watching live or making it a point to watch it on-demand later.

Second, WWE NXT can be considered the best place in North American wrestling to watch women perform. Each episode features multiple angles and matches within the women’s division, this includes focusing on the titles and angles beyond that. WWE is making a strong effort to build their women’s division around young talent for the future as names like Indi Hartwell, Cora Jade, Tiffany Stratton, Roxanne Perez, and Sol Ruca get more than enough of a spotlight. Others like Alba Fyre and Zoey Stark remain relevant in the division and are the in-ring leaders the group can count on.

Third, there’s Wes Lee, who is seemingly on a one-man quest to make the NXT North American title the “worker’s belt” of professional wrestling. He’s off to a great start with seven defenses in his 179-day run with the belt as of April 19. It will be interesting to see what this run does for him long term.

WWE NXT is a tight, two-hour show under the watchful eye of Shawn Michaels helps. Monday Night Raw is too long at three hours, and SmackDown struggles to remain consistently relevant on Fridays. NXT does a great job keeping storylines contained and moving forward, even those that cause viewers to cringe and roll their eyes. The stories still move forward which is an important part of maintaining interest in professional wrestling.

There’s a lot to complain about when discussing the content that WWE gives fans each week. But there are good points worth noting when talking about WWE NXT, as it is the best programming available from WWE on a weekly basis.

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