Tiffany Stratton can be an important piece for WWE women’s division


WWE is in dire need to rebuild the women’s division and Tiffany Stratton can be a part of that growth.

WWE is quietly building a strong women’s division in NXT. Established names like Alba Fyre, Wendy Choo, and Kayden Carter are joined with younger talent like Roxanne Perez, Cora Jade, Lash Legend, and others. Looking across that roster, Tiffany Stratton is one that fans should keep their eyes on because she’s quickly becoming a prospect that could be a future star for the WWE.

At 23 years old, it’s amazing that Stratton is as good as she’s reached with just 16 matches under her belt. A member of the 2016 U.S. National Olympic team, Stratton came in with the athletic pedigree that WWE looks for in new recruits. But her ability to quickly transition into the type of performer that WWE covets has still been a sight to see.

WWE has an opportunity to build a top star

Yes, her “daddy’s girl/mean girls” character leaves a lot to be desired. WWE Creative hasn’t shown the ability to get away from the stereotypical way women are booked and the characters provided to them. But that hasn’t stopped Stratton from becoming a strength to this division. She doesn’t need to be rushed to the main roster but allowing her to get a two-year stint within WWE NXT, rising through the ranks to becoming an eventual champion would be the perfect character arc for her at this time.

With WWE NXT’s women’s roster continuing to grow, there are a few opportunities for Stratton now that her feud with Choo should be complete. Indi Hartwell, Alba Fyre, Ivy Nile, and others are available to keep her active, while out of the title picture. It seems that Mandy Rose and Toxic Attraction’s time at the top of the NXT roster is coming to a close, so Stratton could help in that gap as an important heel for the division.

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Wrestling fans should be excited about what is happening in WWE NXT. Nearly a year after the rebrand, there are several talented young performers worth paying attention to each week. Tiffany Stratton is one of those names and she could be a foundational piece for the future of WWE’s women’s division.