AEW All In’s early success is what’s best for the wrestling business

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The presale for AEW All In showed strong momentum and that’s important for the entirety of professional wrestling. 

The announcement of the All In event took the pro wrestling world by storm because of the ambition of Kenny Omega, the Young Bucks, and this time around All Elite Wrestling, booking a 90,000-seat Wembley Stadium.

The show is set to culminate on Sunday, August 27th, and currently is unknown on what platforms the event will be broadcasted.

On the first-day presale tickets were available, according to AEW CEO Tony Khan, the company has already sold 36,000 paid tickets and this is a great sign for the wrestling business.

Recently, WWE has been hitting records in almost every market they visit, setting company highs for money brought in, and now AEW is on pace to have its biggest event by a long shot. The wrestling industry is on fire right now, proving the unthinkable half a decade ago, that two major American promotions can co-exist.

Competition only raises the bar for both companies and it’s great to see the world of wrestling seemingly permanently being gone from a pseudo-monopoly WWE-controlled industry.

Going forward the sales for All In will consist of a few more presales that require a code to buy tickets, then the general sale will begin on Friday, May 5th.

International fans have been feeling the love lately and this is also one of the signs that say events like Clash at the Castle and All In, are growing the wrestling industry far and wide beyond North America.

Both companies trying to achieve “spectacle”, as Triple H would say, is a great sign for business as well. Obviously doing record gates week to week is a great thing, which WWE has been doing a lot lately, but doing the best at the biggest events each company puts on only makes fans not involved more interested.

"Triple H: “We will put on a spectacle like only we can and I don’t see anybody else doing it. I don’t see anybody else that can touch it. And that’s not ego. That’s just my opinion.”"

The feeling of not wanting to miss out can quickly hit the non-fans if they see a stadium full of thousands of passionate pro wrestling fans gathering to watch the best international talents from around the globe. The more events like All In that get put on the more people will hear about the event taking over an arena or stadium in their country or state, and want to learn more about it.

Overall, All In should be able to draw in more international fans than ever before, which is a key demographic they are really honing in on this summer. With Double or Nothing, Forbidden Door, All In, and All Out all being within the next couple of months we may be heading toward a summer of AEW, which means nothing but good things for the wrestling community.

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