Bronson Reed is poised for a main event-level run


Bronson Reed’s return started slowly but he’s building momentum as a main event-level threat. 

Now that the WWE Draft is over, the focus is on the new rosters set to take over after WWE BackLash. That PPV is set for Saturday, May 6, and there are several matches to keep an eye on. Bronson Reed along with Bobby Lashley will challenge Austin Theory for the WWE United States Championship. It’s an important match because it can set the tone for what should be a big run for Bronson Reed in 2023, including picking up a singles title along the way.

Reed’s return to the WWE roster has been a practice of patience. Fans were ready to riot after he debuted alongside The Miz, helping the latter in his feud with Dexter Lumis and Johnny Gargano. Reed went from picking up big wins in New Japan Pro Wrestling, including defeating Kazuchika Okada, to standing next to The Miz and that did not set well with many. Months later, Reed is in a different place and could even rise to be a main event-level threat.

Look back to how he was booked in the Elimination Chamber. Reed was the first man eliminated, but it took four men to work together to get him out of the match. Reed’s been booked as a crushing machine, picking up wins against the likes of Chad Gable, Elias, Nathan Frazer, Mustafa Ali, and Akira Tozawa. The angle with Lashley started out with a double count-out, which made sense but raised alarm due to WWE’s booking practices.

The match at the PPV is going to be the true test. Expectations are that Theory will retain and take the championship with him to SmackDown, but who will take the pinfall? That should be Lashley, keeping Reed strong as he heads back to Monday Night Raw. This is where things will get interesting.

At Night of Champions on May 27, the first man to hold the WWE World Heavyweight Championship will be crowned. There’s no new information about how those competitors will be determined. Regardless of that point, expect Reed to factor into the equation. Fans expect Seth Rollins or Cody Rhodes to come out as the first title holders, and Reed is an excellent option for a first opponent in their runs.

There’s also the mid-card scene. GUNTHER versus Reed certainly has a big fight feel, but WWE tends to avoid those heel-versus-heel options. Instead, Reed should be the man to battle the babyface that takes the title from GUNTHER. Could that be a returning Big E? Perhaps, but Reed versus Big E is another major match that would capture attention in 2023.

Bronson Reed has the potential to have a big 2023, and that run could even see him end up with a championship of some sort over his shoulder.

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