The Miz’s career shouldn’t be the butt of jokes


It’s one thing to be the butt of jokes, but it’s another when the perception because of those jokes becomes ridiculously skewed. The Miz is an individual in professional wrestling that frequently experiences both. MJF and CM Punk referenced him during their feud leading into AEW Revolution and many fans rolled their eyes when Cod Rhodes faced him early in his WWE return. Fun and games aside, The Miz’s run with WWE deserves respect because it’s truly one of a kind.

Imagine describing a 19-year career that includes a combined twenty-two title runs as a joke. This is what happens when professional wrestling fans talk about the career of Michael Mizanin. But even the delineation between “wrestler” and “sports entertainer” isn’t enough to discredit what The Miz has done in his time in the industry.

This isn’t the same guy that was getting punked by Coral on The Real World back in 2001. The Miz has put together a run that is easily a Hall of Fame career. This includes headlining WrestleMania and reaching number one in the PWI 500 in 2011. Yes, there are many less than stellar moments that can be used to poke fun at The Miz’s work in the ring, but he’s also had some highs as well. Teaming with John Morrison and R-Truth, his feuds with Dolph Ziggler, Bryan Danielson, and others are all moments he’s been a part of; more than some others experienced during their time in the industry.

Plus, he’s the only two-time WWE Grand Slam winner.

Oh yeah, he’s also put together a decent performance on Dancing with the Stars and has a reality show with his wife, Maryse, that’s three seasons deep. The Miz may not be on the list of the highest-ranked wrestlers, but he’d certainly be on the list of best paid.

Imagine what MJF could learn from The Miz. Organizations across all professional sports look to their successful veterans to impart knowledge to the generation that follows them. David Robinson did this with Tim Duncan leading to a dynasty like none other for the San Antonio Spurs in the NBA. MJF and any other younger competitor would learn a lot from The Miz in not only being a successful wrestler but establishing themselves as a brand that survives long after their in-ring career is over.

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Perception isn’t always the reality, but that doesn’t stop anyone from creating their own narratives around topics of passion. Grading The Miz’s career will bring out a wide range of criticism, but one thing is true: he’s found a level of success that young wrestlers would want to achieve.