The ‘Juggernaut’ Jordynne Grace Needs To Shine on The Biggest of Stages


Jordynne Grace has been in the pro wrestling business since 2011, and for the last four and a half years or so has been dominating over at Impact Wrestling. She’s 27 years old. When will her time come for a larger platform?

For those of us who have been paying attention, Jordynne Grace isn’t at all a flash in the pan. She has spent time in the indies and has taken to her craft with a seriousness that isn’t matched by everyone in the business, sad to say, and that goes for the men and the women of the industry.

There are indeed a lot of epic talents out there in the industry today, but for now, I’d like to shine a light on Jordynne and the work she’s put in.

Her in-ring style

The word ‘flawless’ definitely comes to mind. I used that only once before as a pro wrestling journalist and to describe a single man, a single wrestler, who in my opinion, did it best…the very same man, who as a fan, I felt exactly the same way about: None other than The British Bulldog, Davey Boy Smith.

Watch her in that ring. Watch her timing, her balance, her speed; her ratio of acrobatics to brute strength and explosive power, and tell me you’re not reminded of Davey.

Just juxtapose their matches and you’ll see. The speed at which she takes the ropes…her punches, it’s really uncanny if you ask this writer.

The physique

Grace is a performer and athlete that checks all the boxes and perhaps her physique is above most in the business. If we are permitted to judge the physiques in Mr. and Ms. Olympia, a competition used to determine who’s got the most developed muscular body, then we should be able to do so in pro wrestling.

After all, after the heyday of the eighties and nineties stars, the physique goes a long way in this business and Jordynne Grace has that box more than checked.

She is a champion power lifer and competitive bodybuilder and takes to posting about her fitness journey with honesty and a very refreshing attitude. She’s equally honest about her cheat meals, which can help many of us along in our respective journeys.

The microphone

Known as ‘the stick’ by business insiders, Grace works the microphone better if not just as well as the best talkers in the history of business, but more than that in this department she reminds me of Piper in his heyday. It’s all in the eyes. When Piper delivered a promo you remained silent and paid attention—maybe he even gave you goosebumps.

She carries so much conviction in her delivery that you believe what’s going on in that ring and what she’s saying.

The concept of suspended disbelief at work and at its very best: Wrestling fans aren’t morons. We know it’s all scripted, and that’s why in this business, acting talent goes a very long way, and Jordynne Grace has acting talent big time, folks.

While speaking with back in 2021, she talked about why she decided to stay with Impact over WWE or even AEW, but at the time, she also stated that she would leave her options open for down the line. Here’s some of what she said:

"“IMPACT is really the best place for me. I do not do well, right now at least, with a super heavy schedule and I feel that’s pretty much every other wrestling company that I could have signed with realistically…WWE; training constantly, shows; I feel like that’s a 24/7 job at that point. AEW, they’re on the road on a weekly basis and I know sometimes they film Dark well into the night, 2/3am, something like that…So I just knew IMPACT would let me do power lifting, it’s a much lighter schedule, it’s been once a month. But I also do a part-time job doing transcribing work so I can also do that…I don’t think I’m willing to sacrifice 100 percent of the other stuff I do in my regular life right now. Maybe one day, who knows! Just not today…”-via (link above)"

The WWE schedule is infamously insane, as most of us fans know from multiple testimonials over the years from wrestlers who have tackled the WWE, but I feel if she shifts her focus she can more than handle it.

A bright future

If she so chooses to stay in Impact Wrestling because it makes her the happiest, then I feel she should do what makes her happy, but I’d like to humbly put forth that I see Jordynne Grace on the biggest platform for her art, which is WWE right now.

That may change as AEW gains a bit more steam and works out some evident kinks in their armor, but I most definitely see her bringing her power to the table over at WWE, fighting none other than Bianca Belair, Rhea Ripley, Raquel Rodriguez, and even Charlotte Flair.

She towers over top stars on that platform like Becky Lynch with her muscle frame and could carry a pretty wicked promo there, as stated. After all, isn’t WWE the land of promos?

Also, another comparison I’d love to make here is to the mighty Beth Phoenix. They both had that superhero quality that when I think back to my comic book reading days, if there was a comic featuring these women as the heroes of the story so to speak, I’d have collected each and every single volume in triplicate….

And speaking of heroes, she also has a little of John Cena in her. I definitely see her leading the charge on some campaign to promote the company, even working with charities as John has, so yeah, I definitely see her being a top draw and figurehead as well.

In the end, I don’t know, but I hope it happens. Truth be told, there are so many great Impact wrestlers, as it’s an epic roster, and I feel it always has been.

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I feel though, that there are those that can outgrow certain environments, and I mean this with all the respect in the world, but Jordynne Grace has certainly outgrown Impact Wrestling, and I see her vying for a top prize in WWE.