ROH: Athena has her next challenger for the Women’s title


Athena’s run on Ring of Honor Women’s Champion remains one of the best parts of the relaunched brand in AEW.

Since becoming ROH champion, Athena has been the definition of a fighting champion. She has defended her title across ROH, AEW Elevation, and Dark (RIP). Coming into Thursday night, Athena had 21 consecutive wins going back to last year.

As a way to find the next Number 1 contender, Athena has been having Proving Ground matches. These matches have been a staple in ROH. The contender must either beat the challenger or last 10 minutes in order to get a shot at the title in their next match. Athena has successfully beaten every challenger in about 5 and a half minutes or less.

Following Skye Blue’s win last week, Athena came out to the ramp. She had Blue’s hat and threw it down to stomp on it, signaling that she was in her crosshairs. On this week’s episode, Blue called the champion out for disrespecting her and having the audacity not to come to the ring to see her face-to-face. She called he a bully before challenging her to a title match.

In another Proving Ground match, Athena beat Angelica Risk. After the match was over, she turned to her usual antics for victimizing her opponent (and referee Mike Posey). To be even more audacious, Athena put Risk in the Skyefall — Blue’s finisher — onto the ROH Women’s Championship.

Backstage, Athena responded to Blue’s words. She laughed at Blue’s suggestion of making their match for the title. “Skye Blue, if you’d pull that gear out of your (expletive) for two seconds, you would know I didn’t come down to the ring because you’re not worthy to stand in the ring with me,” Athena said she’d entertain Blue’s suggestion before almost immediately accepting her challenge.

She also accused her challenger of coasting by on her sex appeal. “Not only am I going to make an example out of you, I’m going to embarrass you and show the world that you have never belonged in All Elite Wrestling and you sure as hell don’t belong in my women’s division.”

Skye Blue will face Athena next week in her biggest match to date, while Athena looks to keep her undefeated streak going. This should be a great matchup for fans.

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